Print Works Better with a Partner and a Plan

This week, I am sharing six tips that could help your organization get print and promotional products more efficiently and economically. Through the smart use of print management you not only save time and money, but achieve higher-quality results.

In Tuesday’s post, I covered three print management tips on my list. The first included changing your thinking about print. (If you regard it as a commodity, you are preventing yourself from getting the full benefits from it.) My second tip suggested you consider carefully how much time you your employees waste handling unfamiliar print-related activities. The third suggested advanced technologies like Superior’s Corporate Kiosk™ to streamline the print procurement process for employees across your entire enterprise. Today, I’d like to share three more.

Tip #4: Choose a Print Management Partner with Connections

By now, you might realize that a qualified print partner is the most effective way to handle print and promotional product needs. The extra expertise you gain is reason enough.

But when you choose that partner, be sure to choose one with the resources to give you the best results. Superior, for example, has relationships with nearly 2,000 well-screened suppliers across the country. That means you get access to more options than you could reasonably achieve on your. Your needs for quality, timing and budget are far more likely to be met.

Tip #5: ISO Certification Is a Great Predictor of Success

Maybe it seems like a little thing; a few letters and numbers on a company’s resume. But if you know what an ISO certification means, you understand its incredible value.

To gain ISO certification, a print partner must document its processes and procedures across the board, including record-keeping, customer relationships, and much more. Standards dictate that those “best practices” are used in the service of every customer. That’s more than peace of mind. It makes a tangible difference in the end product and on your balance sheet.

Tip #6: Pressure Makes Great Diamonds, But Lousy Decisions

I think this tip might be the most important one. Think about your print management process right now. When you make your print and promotional product activities part of a planned program with the right partner, there are few surprises and fewer “rush” projects.

When unforeseeable needs do arise, as they inevitably do, the mechanisms to deal with them are already in place. No need for scrambling or getting into those “money doesn’t matter, just get it done” predicaments. It’s simply a better business decision—the kind you try to make in all other areas of your workplace.

Tip the Scales in Your Favor

I hope today’s tips help. Information is always an advantage. Want to stay up to date on many print purchasing and procurement issues? Last week I shared a list of top blogs for procurement pros. If you are a CPO or hold another position with managerial responsibility for these areas, check them out and sign up for any that strike a chord with you.

But back to today, and one last tip. It’s the easiest way to make sure all the ones I mentioned above are working for you. Find a print management partner that checks all the boxes. And you already have. Superior has ISO 9001:2015 certification and a huge network of print and promotional product resources that will serve your business well.

We also recently earned a third consecutive Best of Print and Digital award from our customers. That is strong confirmation that the tips I shared do, in fact, lead to successful projects that accomplish their objectives. Why not make a move toward accomplishing yours? Contact Superior today for a free print management review.

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