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You know, as a regular reader, that one of our most frequent topics is procurement efficiency. No surprise, of course. Our “managed print services” simplify and streamline that process for printed materials and promotional items. We’ve been doing it for nearly 100 years now.

But the areas of procurement, sourcing and supply chain management are critical to every successful business, so plenty of experts are sharing their wisdom in blogs.

A couple of years back, I provided you a list of 10 blogs for supply chain leaders I thought you might find helpful. Because that blog turned out to be one of our most popular posts of all time, I thought it might be time again to revisit that list.

There are a couple of newcomers on the list, but I think all are worth your time. I’d check out each one at least once to see if it resonates. If so, sign up for their email newsletter to keep getting the good stuff on procurement!

Top 10 Blogs for Procurement Pros, Supply Chain Managers and CPO’s

1. CPO Rising 

If you want to keep up with the coming issues in procurement and business, check out this blog, It is published by Andrew Bartolini, founder and Chief Research Officer of Ardent Partners. Recent topics have included artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other emerging technologies, and how they may impact the procurement process.

2. The Watson Customer Engagement Blog

Here’s another blog that specializes in the future of the supply chain. As you might have guessed, this blog is a product of IBM and revolves around proprietary IBM technologies. But it shares many worthwhile insights into digital experience, e-commerce and supply chain management from thought leaders inside IBM and its partner organizations.

3. Procurify 

This is the corporate blog of Procurify, a company whose business specializes in helping companies track, control and maximize benefit from spending in many corporate areas. It features best practices in purchasing and procurement, and how best to standardize those practices across an organization.

4. Future Purchasing 

This blog, based in the UK, certainly covers purchasing and procurement topics. But it goes into broader business topics like managing change and achieving category leadership. Many posts have intriguing titles. What else would you expect from an outfit that sponsors debates in local pubs!

5. The Strategic Sourceror

This one wasn’t on my last list, but it’s a welcome addition. A diverse collection of blog posts and articles relating to procurement and sourcing. Look at recent posts. Some are tied tightly to the subject matter like “Disrupting Procurement: Achieving Landmark Success by Rethinking the Game.” Others are topical, like “What the Government Shutdown Means to Craft Breweries.” While others add a fun twist with Halloween for example when they posted, “A Procurement Horror Story”.

6.  ProcurementHeads

This one is unique and interesting. Most of its posts are “big interviews” with business leaders who have managerial roles in procurement. Recent posts included execs at Fidelity and Gordon Ramsey Restaurants. Also mixed in are posts that encourage readers to reflect on their leadership style and their company’s social media presence.

7. Procurious 

A diverse blog that reaches more than 23,000 members in more than 140 countries. It’s an eclectic clearing house of procurement news from many Internet corners. In addition to “hard-core” topics like cybersecurity and productivity, it also touches upon the “human” side of procurement, with posts on hiring, personal legacies, and professional interactions.

8. Procurement Blog 

This blog is the product of Procurement Leaders™, another network that gathers intelligence from procurement professionals worldwide on relevant issues. I think most of you will find much of its content very relevant. Recent topics have included subjects like digitalization of the procurement process, sustainability and, again, the coming applications of artificial intelligence.

9. Procurement Insights 

Canadian Jon Hansen, the author and primary writer of this blog, even has a talk radio show on procurement. His penchant for entertaining comes through in his writing, as well. But what I think I like best is that Jon believes strongly in offering opinions with solid research behind them. He feels that shows respect for his readers, and I agree.

10. The NLPA Blog 

There’s a “real world” sensitivity in this blog I find appealing. Like many of the others, it touches upon ‘visionary” topics like the future of procurement and “the cloud’s” role in it. But one recent post revealed three mistakes that cause serious harm to supply chain relationships. Another cited “stupidity and low self-awareness” as the worst business combination for employees and new hires. Both get quite specific, and that’s precisely what makes them interesting and helpful.

For Immediate Supply Chain Help….

This list is interesting reading, and I hope you will check it out. But the best time to get help with your supply chain is always “right now.” And the best partner is Superior. Beyond the experience I mentioned at the beginning, we also have ISO 9001:2015 certification. That means our celebrated process is built upon rigid, repeatable standards.

We’ve also won a third consecutive Best of Print and Digital Award, totally on the responses of our customers. (We thank them for their support and kind words.) If you are looking for ways to create efficiencies in your procurement processes, we can help.

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