“If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.”

5 Ways To Help Your Prospects, Customers, and Employees Thrive in 2015The above quote from Ray Kroc illustrates this part of THRIVE nicely. This one’s focused more indirectly on you, but can have a great effect—as Kroc points out—both practically and personally. Not only does your company successfully thrive when they cater to happy customers, but you yourself will find satisfaction in helping them. It works the same way for your employees; when you help them and let them know they are important, they will strive to be that much more so. Many are saying that 2015 will mark the beginning of a new customer-focused era in marketing and business. Whether that’s true or not, we assume that it’s best to treat this year with that idea in mind anyway. Below are five quick ways you can help your prospects, customers, and employees thrive this year.

  1. Good Business Is Reciprocal: While this is the basic construct of economics, it still stands to mention reciprocity and to keep that word in mind as you interact with customers in 2015. Use it to remind yourself of what you’re giving your customers and to see if you can’t go above and beyond for them. This is a mindset, not a particular action, but it should be taken with you into any business endeavor.
  2. Quality First, Speed Second: According to a study by the Gallup Group, customers were nine times more likely to be engaged with a brand when they evaluated the service as “courteous, willing, and helpful.” This is a remarkable statement, since these traits in a business come before speed.
  3. Employ Loyalty Programs: For many small businesses, the majority of sales come from a small proportion of repeat customers who are loyal to the brand. When your story intersects with theirs, you have to make them feel a part of something. Show them that they are valued with loyalty cards, email rewards, or apps.
  4. Gifts and Promotional Products: Reciprocity at work again. Offering your customers gifts and promotional products can have a similar effect as certain loyalty programs, and they have the double value of spreading the word with your name on promo gear and apparel. Part of helping your customers thrive is to create an entire culture around them. Make them feel excited to be a part of something, and continue to cater to them with quality and value.
  5. Encouragement Is Contagious: This one’s primarily for your employees, although customers need encouragement in a different way. It’s easy for me to point out that a pleasant, uplifting atmosphere in the workplace will raise the mood; therefore, improving the work of your employees and leading gradually to a stronger business overall. That much is true, but it’s simply an extension of a greater truth, and that is that encouragement doesn’t need an end goal or dollar value to be powerful. If you encourage your employees even when you gain nothing obvious by it, that’s when you know you’re thriving.  

We at Superior Business Solutions sincerely hope that this post is an effective launch pad that will help you THRIVE in 2015. Stay tuned throughout the year to hear our thoughts, hints, and reminders on how you can thrive in your personal and professional life this year. Cheers!

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