How to Create a Loyalty Program That WorksIt’s About the Customer

The companies that have the most success with their loyalty programs come from all across the B2B and B2C range, but they all have one thing in common: It’s all about the customer. Rather than being about the brand, these companies such as the fast food restaurant, b.good, have discovered that it really is about the customer, and it takes the customer to make a brand successful. And it takes customer loyalty to make a brand really stand out above the competition.

For many small businesses, the majority of sales come from a small proportion of repeat customers who are loyal to the brand. How do you do this? For starters, you have to get the word out, and when you do, and your story intersects with theirs, you have to make them feel a part of something. Show them that they are valued.

If you’re on a tight budget, that’s ok. There are lots of options for creating a loyalty program that’s still effective. Many brands begin with emails or print cards, which are not very expensive, but can be effective. These are opportunities to share your brand’s story and offer potential customers incentive to listen and be a part of that story.

Email: The key to email marketing is to remember that many people check emails on a mobile device, so make it simple, and get to the point. Have an educational, story-based focus, and welcome them to be a part of something!

Loyalty Cards: Speaking of being a part of something, there’s no better way to do that than to offer loyalty or rewards cards. These can create incentive and loyalty in a number of ways. The first is practical: you’re giving your customers offers, coupons, and deals. The second is emotional: you’re creating a club or family that customers will feel a part of and become loyal to. If you’re interested in learning more about these cards, contact us!

Apps: If you’re business is taking off, and you want to offer a loyalty program that can really work some magic, than it might be time to look into creating an app. This article from CIO explains the value of apps well: “The app does a few things. First, it performs the same functions as the keycard. Second, it makes getting and sharing gifts much easier. Not only can a customer use a coupon for a free gift right from the app, but he or she can also gift it to another person — and even change the name on the promotion while doing so.”

For your more tech savvy customers, this can be very effective. And at Superior Business Solutions, we can help you create your own personal app to boost your loyalty program. Contact us or call us at 800.968.1416 to get more information.

As you might have noticed from the tips above, one of the best mentalities a business can have for a successful loyalty program is to switch from a sales-based focus to an education-based focus. If the customer feels that they are entering into a family or some sort of relationship, they are far more likely to become loyal to your business than if they feel pressed upon by sales-y speech and excessive CTAs.

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