One Item or a Hundred, We Can Put Your Logo on the Most Popular YETI Items Around

I talk a lot about promotional items here. They are proven as the best advertising channel you can find (more on that in a moment). But you might not know how easy it is to give your branding even more power by putting it one of today’s hottest lines of promo items, with no minimum quantities.

YETI® is one of the most sought-after brands in the market, offering iconic travel mugs and coolers to outdoor gear including totes, clothing, and more…even dog bowls. The brand’s reputation for great looks and durability is well earned.

And YETI can help build your brand’s reputation, too.

Promotional Items “Sell” to Begin With

Here’s the simple fact: promotional products work.  Look at these two results from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) research:

  • 85% of people worldwide remember the advertiser who gave them a promotional item.
  • More than half of the people who receive promotional items say they are more likely to do business with the advertiser that gave it to them.

And these stats are true of any promotional item, even an inexpensive writing implement or the promotional reusable bag so popular today.

The recipients don’t just keep you in mind, they keep you in their plans—improving your chance at a sale.

High-end Products Deliver High-end Results

All promotional products are effective. But if a pen or an ice scraper inspires appreciation and loyalty, just imagine the reaction to a YETI product.

And Superior is unique in its ability to add your logo and customization to small quantities – even one YETI product.  That makes it the perfect choice to strengthen relationships with special customers or acknowledge exceptional employee achievements.

And we can customize virtually any product in the extensive YETI line!

How can Superior customize YETI and other high-end promotional merchandise without those deal-breaking minimums that most providers demand? It is thanks, in large part, to our pad-printing abilities.

Padding the Possibilities

Pad printing is a unique process. Ink first adheres to the desired image etched on a plate (the “pad”). Then a chemical change makes the ink “stickier.”

When the pad is applied to the item to be imprinted, the ink loses its adhesion to the pad and remains, instead, on the item.

This process is ultra-versatile, so it works on promotional items that have multiple shapes and angles to contend with (think golf clubs, drones, and drum sets).

Pad printing also works on a wider variety of substrates (surface materials).

High-end Products Deserve Superior Advantages

At Superior, we have excellent relationships with more than 2,000 vendors throughout the United States. And we keep those relationships strong and accountable, so you can rely upon the best options, from the best pricing to the widest selection of high-end merchandise.

Superior’s track record is another key advantage. We’ve been helping businesses operate more efficiently for almost 100 years now. You can rely on our ISO certification to hold us to strong customer service standards.

Want one more Superior advantage? Consider our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards, based solely on customer feedback.

If you like what pens and keychains do for you as promotional items, “you ain’t seen nothin’ YETI.”

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant to place your customized YETI order today.

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