Promotional Kitting Ideas That Work (From Home)

I’ve always been a fan of promotional kitting. Why? Well, does a kid want one Christmas present or five? And what golf outing participant doesn’t love looking through the assortment of interesting things in the “swag” bag provided by the sponsors?

But during our bout with COVID-19, kitting has taken on even greater importance, for many reasons.

Many employees are working from home and it is common for client contacts to be virtual instead of in person. Even big events are being held via Zoom or another online meeting platform.

You can’t be there, but a thoughtful promo gift can.

How do you build and reinforce your relationships with those key people without personal interaction?

A creatively chosen group of handy, helpful, or fun promotional gifts do a great job of conveying personal warmth and reminding them that your company values them.

The items you choose will obviously vary with the situation. Your imagination is the only limit. (And we are happy to help.)

But I saw a recent item from our friends at the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) that shows six interesting examples of creative kitting that made a big difference for clients.

Six kitting ideas that packed multiple items for a powerful branding punch.

Let’s look at a selection of kitting success stories.

  1. A Fundraiser Replacement Kit

    A fundraising event for a Jewish organization had to go “virtual” via Zoom. At the in-person fundraisers, they had typically provided only a T-shirt.

    To ensure their “virtual” guests were truly engaged, they sent boxes with not only the T-shirt but also a traditional religious head covering, drinkware, snacks, candies, and a themed puzzle. A great combination of meaningful, festive and fun!

  2. A Work-From-Home Kit

    Many companies seek to show appreciation for their remote employees with kits that cover a wide range of themes. Some focus on PPE gear to help them stay safe. Others include electronic equipment like phone chargers and other helpful home office items.

    But others choose home fitness equipment like resistance bands and jump ropes. Even cooking items are popular, along with specially imprinted aprons and wine glasses. Of course, the real beauty of kitting is that you can include any combination of these.

  3. A Return-to-Work Kit

    As more companies allow employees to return to the office, they choose kits with items appropriate to that situation. The right PPE to help ensure their safety makes a great deal of sense.

    Other creative choices include insulated lunch bags, since most employees would need to pack their lunch for the foreseeable future. As employees return to commuting after a long absence, car-related kits with items that enhance safety, comfort, and audio performance will also be much appreciated.

  4. The Donor Appreciation Kit

    Political campaigns and non-profits who depend upon contributions looked to promotional kitting as a strong “thank you” mechanism for their donors. Political donors were often gifted with packets that included T-shirts and hats, as well as campaign buttons and stickers they could use to display their support. (A “win-win” for the campaign.)

    Non-profits can be especially creative, choosing items that reflect their cause or central focus.

    Those with an environmental focus could fill a kit with seed packets, biodegradable coasters, and even live plants.

  5. The Multi-Part Mailing

    Sequential mailings have also gotten extremely popular. (They create excitement as each kit arrives, and anticipation while awaiting the next!)

    A medical supply sales organization started with a “workday” kit, including high-end apparel to look good on video calls and pens, journals, and phone charges to help document those meetings.

    It was followed by a kit with a more relaxed theme: a “virtual happy hour.” The kit included drinkware, pajama bottoms, and a festive T-shirt.

    The third kit sought to improve employees’ home office experience, with blue-light glasses, a stress reliever, a picture frame, and a small plush toy to add physical and emotional comfort to the experience.

  6. The Video Call Preparedness Kit

    In telemedicine, success depends upon patient confidence. So one company provided a kit to help its personnel create a more professional presentation during those video appointments, which often took place from doctors’ home environments.

    Kits included custom logo apparel and pop-up banners to appear behind the doctors as they consulted with patients. It provided a more professional atmosphere and helped patients see it as a “real” doctor’s appointment.

Superior Competence in Kitting

At Superior, we are industry leaders in the area of kitting. We can literally create anything you can dream up. And as I mentioned earlier, we are happy to help based on our experience with successful kitting efforts.

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And regardless of the kit you choose (or build) we can drop ship them to your recipients.

No handling, no hassle on your end.

Remember, we have been helping businesses operate efficiently for nearly 100 years. And our kitting expertise and experience dates back to long before 2020 when many companies became self-proclaimed “experts” on the concept.

You Need Great Thinking INSIDE the Box

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