Take Corporate Season’s Greetings to a Higher Level

In a recent post, we encouraged you to order your corporate cards and promotional items for holiday gifts and greetings early this year. Given the supply and distribution troubles that have impacted almost every industry during the pandemic, it’s the best way ensure that your timing is right.

Today, I’d like to show you some corporate holiday cards that will make sure that your message not only “gets there” on time, but has a big impact when it does! A bright, creative message is a good start. And it’s even better when your cards create an actual experience.

Cards That Add a New Dimension—Literally

Imagine a card that brings a holiday wish and a holiday WOW!  Think about ways to make your card stand out from the piles of cards your clients, prospects and employees will be opening come holiday time. Look at some terrific ways to do that!

  1. 3-D Pop-up Cards

Always guaranteed to get a delighted reaction. The unexpected surprise when a picture, a word, or your logo pops up as the card is opened.  We can make it work with almost any kind of graphics, colors, and die-cuts.

Remember, we can even put your logo in 3-D to create a memorable user experience. They won’t forget who sent it to them.

These cards are sure to get extra attention and will be saved “separately” from the pile on your client’s desk or living room table. Let’s put our heads together for some fun ideas and let’s see what pops up!

  1. 3-D Cards with a Moving Message

Think of it as “3-D another way.” These cards (called “lenticular”) feature technology that creates a sense of depth in the visual, or an image that changes as you look at it from different perspectives.

Again, let your creativity loose. Show an animated winter scene. Or your logo playfully sledding down a hill, or carolers singing your jingle. Another card they will find hard to put down, let alone put away.

  1. Special Timing -Give Your 3-D Even More Impact

Holiday cards like these deserve a special stage. So why not be creative with your timing, too? Get ahead of the pack by sending them for Thanksgiving.

There’s no question Thanksgiving is part of the holiday season. Perhaps you’ve heard of Black Friday? So go with a general holiday theme, or perhaps design one especially to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday itself.

Many people call Thanksgiving their favorite holiday of the year. And yours could easily be the only Thanksgiving card your key targets will receive.

Make It Unique—But Make It Quick

There’s no question it’s worth bypassing the “same old, same old” when it comes to holiday cards. Your key audiences are in a festive mood, and they’re ready to appreciate the extra effort you put into bring a little extra joy and playfulness.

But remember, inventory and supply chain issues have impacted the promotional products industry, just as it has so many others.

So it’s almost essential to get an early start this year.

Launch your holiday card and promotional item plans as soon as you can to guarantee delivery of the right items, in plenty of time to use them to your best advantage.

The Best Promotional Partner Is a Big Advantage, Too

Today’s post is a good example of some of the benefits you get from working with Superior. We provide great ideas to make your printed pieces and promotional products both more effective and more efficient.

But we also use our experience gained in helping businesses (nearly 100 years now) to help you, by keeping you current with industry insights, trends and technologies. That’s how we can offer customer service that has resulted in five consecutive Best of Print & Digital awards. Thanks for the kind words, customers!

Our unique ISO certification holds us to high standards, too.

Success is in the Cards—Contact Us Today

Reach out to Superior, or to your super-savvy Superior sales rep today. You’ll find contact information in the menus at the top of this page.

But get started soon. These 3-D cards are a wonderful opportunity to be different from your competition. But you don’t want to be different by having to send them in February because you didn’t order in time!

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