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I learn something every day from our award-winning sales consultants. And recently, I received an email from one of them that touched on a topic I felt I should pass along to you. It’s a small thing, literally. But it’s an important one given the way industry is heading in general—and with what we’re all going through right now, in particular.

The item in question? A stylus pen. Our sales rep was sharing information he had obtained in researching stylus pens for a client, thinking it might be helpful for others. Why is this so important?

Stylus Pen Point #1: Precision

First, let’s talk about the state of American (and international) manufacturing. As system automation increases, the need for effective human oversight and monitoring grows, as well. That’s where Human Machine Interface (HMI) comes in.

Touch-screen displays on computer screens, tablets, and often the machines themselves, provide real-time information about system performance. It is there that engineers and operators can adjust those processes to head off problems and maximize system performance through touch-screen.

Fingertips can be imprecise, leading to inaccurate inputs or tedious repetition. And pencil erasers? Please! These top stylus pens are the right solution.

Stylus Pen Point #2: Personal Control

These days you can’t ignore the coronavirus in any discussion; it impacts everything. And as businesses return to full operation, employees are likely to be more aware of and sensitive to interactions with other people and their possessions.

Now I am certainly no doctor and am not offering medical advice here. But it seems to me unlikely that employees will want to share common implements, including stylus pens used at HMI stations. The most efficient and elegant solution for this is to provide every employee (who might need one) a top-quality stylus pen of his or her own.

For the same reason, stylus pens bearing your corporate branding make excellent gifts for clients and prospects.

Three Excellent Stylus Pen Options

Based on our sales consultant’s research, here are three stylus pens that are excellent choices. And each is designed to carry your corporate imprint boldly and tastefully.

  1. The Mosaic from HubPen

The Mosaic from HubPen top branded stylus for HMIThe Mosaic is a very comfortable ballpoint pen, with an ergonomic shape and a jumbo barrel. Attractive too, with its black grip and mosaic pattern with brighter shades shining through. It writes blue ink, and, of course, has a well-designed stylus tip at the other end.

  1. Stylus/Phone Holder

for HMI the GLAUA-LOUVO Boxer Stylus-Phone Holder
Not exactly a stylus pen, but this unique entry has special convenience going for it. Keychain attachment ensures it is always right where you need it. When you’re done using it for maintaining industrial HMI process controls, it will help you dial numbers on your smartphone. It also serves as a handy phone holder.

  1. The Barbuda Stylus Pen

The Barbuda Stylus Pen for HMIA great look and great performance at both ends. As a twist-action pen, it has a dimpled ergonomic rubber grip and writes in black ink. Soft stylus orb on the other end works well on virtually any kind of screen including mobile devices.

Looking Ahead is OUR Style

Stylus pens are a small, thoughtful way to help employees perform better when working with HMI and other tech devices. And it will also make them feel better about their working environment and your concern for their wellbeing.

I’m happy to share ways like this to keep your business a step ahead. And I’m proud that our people have the expertise to “see around corners” and help us identify the right ideas at the right time.

At Superior, we’ve focused on just that kind of efficiency for businesses for nearly 100 years now.

Our customers benefit, certainly. Our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards is direct evidence since they are based on nothing but feedback from our customers. In addition, we have ISO certification, which means that our customer success isn’t random—it’s repeatable by design.

Contact Superior today, or get in touch with your Superior sales representative. We’ve talked about stylus pens and HMI today, and maybe you’ll want to order those. But the real point is how much your business can grow when you “interface” with Superior.

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