Managed Print Services Protect You and the People You Serve

In a recent post, I talked about why a business needs managed print services. And I think I presented five compelling reasons. But I know many of you who read this blog work for a government agency in some capacity. So it occurred to me that the headline might have caused you to tune out, thinking “I don’t own or manage a business.”

That would be unfortunate. Because in most cases, government agencies can save a great deal of time and money with managed print services. I’ll tell you why in a moment. For now, check out this great example, in which our print-on-demand solution saved a state agency nearly $1 million.

Government Agencies Need Efficiency

Sure, some things are online now. But few sectors require more printed forms and documents than governmental agencies and facilities on the local, state, and national levels. Record-keeping is critical, and forms need to be readily available. That means forward-thinking mechanisms to ensure timely delivery of new forms, reprints and other printed material.

Managed print services are the best way to ensure that this happens. The expertise of an experienced partner outside the agency helps to direct projects to the most appropriate and cost-effective vendors. In addition, that partner can help adjust workflow patterns and in-house technologies that are geared to deliver state-of-the-art system performance.

Quality, of course, is a given. But managed print services also help eliminate wasted worker time and costly miscommunications in getting materials to where they’re needed when they are needed there. The printing improves. And the process improves.

Government Agencies Require Cost-effective Procurement

Budget pressures are felt as strongly by government entities as by private sector business owners. (Perhaps more, as their decisions and financial details are more likely to be in the spotlight.) Here, managed print services help deliver savings with costs that are predictable and controlled.

Government workers are committed to the same goals. But an experienced partner like Superior Business Solutions simply has more knowledge, experience and skilled resources to put against the task. The bottom line is a favorable and more defensible bottom line!

Government Agencies Must Ensure Security

It is almost frightening to consider the waves of personal information that flows in and out of a government agency. Printing is a big part of this discussion, for several reasons:

  • When workers in a government agency have to deal with printing projects, they are often unskilled and uncomfortable in doing so. Hackers would be thrilled to exploit that unease.
  • When every printing project is one-off then nearly every project offers a potentially unknown or “unvetted” printer access to private agency and constituent data.
  • “Data breech” incidents have become more common instead of less. It’s bad for a company’s reputation, of course. But it can be even more problematic for a government agency as it reduces the trust citizens have in their government’s competence in protecting their information.

Dealing with one accomplished and experienced print partner for all your printed projects addresses all the above concerns. That partner knows your operation and your preferences. They can recommend systems that provide maximum security, and policies that help keep data safe.

Superior Offers Printing Security

We work with government agencies and know the finer points of doing so. When you choose managed print services from Superior, you get printing peace of mind. Those worries about efficiency, economy and security are lifted off your shoulders.

We know what we are doing. We’ve been helping businesses be more successful for nearly 100 years. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification indicates the level to which our processes are effective and repeatable on behalf of our customers. Our own customers have chosen us as Best of Print and Digital for two consecutive years now.

Contact Superior for a free print supply chain audit. We’ll help you adapt and install the right equipment and the most efficient workflow processes. Managed print services aren’t merely good business, they’re good government.


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