How to Save 10-20% at Your Distribution FacilitySimplify Your Printing Process with E(c3)

Simplicity and directness are two great ways to save costs in any industry, but especially in a distribution facility. And since the purpose of our E(c3) print management and e-procurement solution is to accomplish these two things, you’re distribution facility is in luck!

This centralized print e-sourcing and e-procurement platform enables Superior Business Solutions to competitively bid and source your digital, litho, and specialty print projects to a vast supply network of pre-qualified vendors to leverage current supply and demand and lower costs. As a result, we are removing costs by simplifying and streamlining the enterprise-wide procurement process for clients and procuring the most competitive print prices.

E(c3) solutions will consistently generate 10% to 20% savings from your historical spend level. One of the biggest arguments against print is that it costs more than it does to digitize everything, but the truth is that print documents are still important, across your company’s functions, and it doesn’t have to be costly.

Simplify and Streamline Your Print and Your Day

Ready to get started managing print and printing costs at your distribution facility instead of continuing to allow it to manage your workday? You won’t have to budget as strictly, and you won’t find yourself stranded with missing documents when you need them. Simplify and streamline the printing process and your day.

Fill out a contact form HERE and ask to have one of our business specialists contact you to fill you in on exactly how we can help your business manage print more efficiently and save at least 10% to 20% on your print needs.

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