Are Promotional Products a Beneficial Way to Connect Your Brand with Consumers? Part 4 of 6

Welcome back to our series on the benefits of advertising with promotional items. It is based on the results of a survey by the Promotional Product Association International (PPAI). The survey identified the “Five R’s of Promotional Products” as key metrics. So far, we’ve talked about reach and recall. Next, I’d like to talk about “R” number three: resonance.

Resonance might well be the most important benefit of promotional items. Why? Because advertising that connects with people and becomes part of their daily lives simply works better.

Today’s Consumers Welcome Promotional Products

Consumers don’t like to be “sold” things today. And make no mistake about it, they now run the show. They can control the media to which they are exposed and limit content that doesn’t engage them more than ever before. That’s why “customer relationship management” has become such a buzzword.

To be effective, advertising cannot be an intrusion or interruption. Rather, it must be a welcome and appropriate addition to consumers’ lives. That’s not an easy task for a TV commercial or magazine ad. It comes naturally, however, for promotional items, because they generate an emotional connection.

Making Consumers Happy

The survey asked respondents how promotional items made them feel. Other advertising channels can only dream of the upbeat answers they gave. But as you can see below, nearly three-quarters indicated promotional products made them feel “happy.” And significant of respondents cited other warm feelings like “thankful” and “appreciated.”

Do people have an emotional connection to promotional products?

Recipients Hold On to Promotional Items

Most consumers resist traditional advertising. Why do you think DVRs are so popular? Yet they welcome promotional products carrying your company name, brand logo, and messaging. The survey confirms the reason: promotional items not only fit into their daily lives but also make those lives better.

  • Functionality. 85% of respondents find them “useful to have”
  • Entertainment. 44% find them “enjoyable to have”
  • Design. 43% say promotional items fit their style or personality

Respondents in significant numbers also mention that promotional products are memorable, informative, or desirable in other ways.

The Impact of Promotional Products Should Resonate with You

I’ve saved the most important survey result for last. The purpose of all advertising, of course, is to improve the perception of your brand by the consumer. Therefore, this statistic is noteworthy: 82% agreed that promotional items improved their impression of a brand.

A promotional item plan will help ensure that your efforts resonate with your target audience and improve the perception of your brand. Reach out to Superior today or contact one of our award-winning promotional item sales reps to ask for a free promotional item audit. Don’t miss out on this fantastic advertising option. It’s too profitable and far too easy to not to.

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