Kiss Time and Money-wasting Practices GOODBYE

Whatever industry you are part of, I’ll bet two things are true. First, business isn’t getting any easier. New challenges seem to arrive daily, through competition, regulation, technology and a dozen other things. Secondly, you need printed materials. That’s true of every business–automotive, healthcare, textiles, and everything else from fine dining to fiber optics.

The best way to battle the chaos in almost every case is to follow the old “K.I.S.S” axiom. Which means “keep it simple, smarty” (or something like that). Simplicity is always the best answer, and it certainly applies to handling the need for acquiring the best printing services for any industry. And why a top print partner makes good sense.

“Simple” Saves You Money

It may seem like a tiny part of your operation, but it looks a lot bigger on your balance sheet, especially when you add in wasted employee time. Here are a few things that can happen when your print supply chain is missing a few links. They can set you back in hard costs and productivity. But after each one, I’ll “kiss and tell” you a better way.

  1. Inexperienced employees direct print projects.

The Chaos: When you “start from scratch” on every print project, new people are forced to try to become experts at evaluating printers, managing the print project, and ensuring quality, accuracy, and cost-efficiency. As they say today, “good luck with that.”

The KISS: With the right print partner in place, this never happens. Someone who really is an expert knows your needs and handles all print projects smoothly. No employees are playing out of position, and the right decisions are made.

  1. Quality and costs can vary wildly.

The Chaos: With little consistency in personnel and iffy procurement experience, projects can spin out of control. Costs rise, and the ultimate quality of the piece can be disappointing. The customer is disappointed, you’re unhappy, and your accounting department is upset.

The KISS: Your print partner will have access to many suppliers with carefully vetted quality. The vendor with the right availability, skill set and pricing gets the job. You get peace of mind.

  1. Different offices, same needs.

The Chaos: Different employees in different company facilities across town or across the country, need the same form printed. Efforts are duplicated, uncertainty increases and approvals are complicated.

The KISS: Your partner should offer technologies that allow you to pre-approve all forms and store them online. Authorized employees can order as needed through the online portal, and have forms delivered wherever they like. Quality and costs are controlled.

Keep Promo Items Simple Too

“Printed items” covers a lot of territory. It includes business forms, tags, on-demand print, and exquisite flyers and brochures. It also includes creative promotional gift ideas.

Your print partner can tap many different resources to help you acquire just the right products to carry your name and image to lucky consumers. A good one can also suggest products with a memorable and creative twist that will make them mean more to recipients.

Know a Good Print Provider?

It’s a little bit art and a little bit science. The right print provider should have established processes in place that give you confidence that good decisions are being made. The partner should be able to offer the best print supply chain products and services. The kind that allow your workers to get back to their regular tasks, and everyone to get extra time back in their workday.

The right provider needs to be able to handle your needs from multiple locations if necessary and ensure branding is consistent and costs are controlled.

Keep It Simpler Still – Contact Us for Help with Your Print Supply Chain

At Superior, we “check all the boxes” and consider ourselves a perfect resource for improving your print supply chain. We have technologies like Corporate Kiosk, which allows you pre-approve documents and store them for authorized employees to access through an online portal as needed.

We’d be honored to be your print partner. We’ve been helping businesses run more efficiently for nearly 100 years. And our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards mean, quite clearly, that we are doing something right. Plus, we are ISO-certified. 

 Contact Superior today for a free print supply chain audit. We’ll make it simple. And simple leads to good things!

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