For many small businesses, the majority of sales come from a small proportion of repeat customers who are loyal to the brand. This is good news, because it’s far easier to market to and retain existing customers than to spend time and money chasing after new leads. But both are necessary for a thriving business, and you can bring value to both!

3 Ways To Nurture and Offer Value To Your CustomersHere are some tips on how you can provide more value to existing and potential customers, turning them into lifelong fans of your brand and increasing your overall sales.

3 Ways To Nurture and Offer Value To Your Customers

1. Be Personal: If the customer feels that they are entering into a family or some sort of cultural relationship, they are far more likely to become loyal to your business than if they feel pressed upon by sales-y speech and excessive CTAs. One of the best mentalities a business can have for successfully offering value to customers is to switch from a sales-based focus to a nurturing/personal focus.

2. Offer Loyalty Programs: There are lots of options for creating a loyalty program that brings value without being too expensive. Many brands begin with nurturing emails or print cards, which are classy but not costly. You can even look into rewards cards or apps to incentivize a deal. These are opportunities to share your brand’s story and to encourage potential customers to listen and be a part of that story.

3. Provide Interesting Content: As you produce content about your brand and products or services, strive for variety and populate your posts with multimedia like videos and images. Consistently helpful information begins to create a community around your brand, which can then be bolstered by social sharing, comment boards, forums, newsletters, etc. So, be the source of information you’d want to find.

Just Another Way To Thrive In 2015

We at Superior Business Solutions sincerely hope that this post is an effective launch pad that will help you THRIVE in 2015. Stay tuned throughout the year to hear our thoughts, hints, and reminders on how you can thrive in your personal and professional life this year. Cheers!

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