Want to Get Noticed with Corporate Gifts this Holiday Season? Better Get Busy!

Most of us love to complain about how early retail stores start their seasonal promotions. It seems like Halloween candy replaces school supplies on about September 1, and the decorations celebrating Christmas and other end-of-the-year holidays burst in while our minds are still on cookouts and beach blankets.

But when it comes to the needs of your business with corporate holiday gifts, there’s no time like the present! It’s not too early to begin thinking about how your business will commemorate the holidays with your customers and prospects. There are several reasons that the selection and decision process deserves more time and respect than it gets.

Stress-Free Deadlines

Of course you know that processing an order takes time. Many of us wish our clients would understand that, but are quick to become impatient ourselves when we are the customer. The sooner you order your items, the more you can relax, knowing you’ll get them in plenty of time. You have enough to worry about in your day-to-day business, so that peace of mind is priceless.

Furthermore, it’s good to remember that things do happen. Shipping delays, strikes, facility problems and other factors can bring unexpected delays, no matter where you get your promotional products. Build in a buffer period, and those things won’t keep you up at night.

Planning Pays Off

An even better reason to start planning for corporate gifts for the holidays now, is that you will make a better, more interesting decision. Taking (and making) the time to think and strategize about corporate holiday gifts, instead of just picking the “same old, same old”, will likely result in corporate holiday gifts and handouts that make a lasting impression on your clients and prospective customers.

Whether you decide to give out small, relatively inexpensive items to all clients and prospects, or wish to spend a bit more to celebrate the longer or more valuable relationships, your options are nearly unlimited; and an early start gives you a better chance to take advantage of that fact.

More Options for Better Choices

Superior Business Solutions works with a network that includes thousands of promotional product suppliers offering more than 750,000 different products. You can select from tasty, traditional food choices like popcorn, cookies or quality steaks. Choose festive holiday-themed items for mailing, decorating or entertaining, like cards, ornaments, serving pieces and more.

Or, add a nice business touch with end-of-the-year productivity-builders like calendars, day planners, or unique writing instruments. And almost all of these items can be imprinted to carry your business name and/or logo to leave a warm, positive impression for many months to come with everyone who receives them.

Guidance from the Experts—That’s Us

We’ve assisted countless clients in choosing corporate holiday gifts and making promotional product decisions, We have been at it long enough to know what works—and how to make smart choices that really help connect your business to your customers on a deeper level. Perhaps it’s time for an item that is both useful and appropriate for your industry—like a USB drive shaped like a microphone or guitar for the music industry, or a handsome portfolio for key clients of your law firm.

Take advantage of our expertise, I’m happy to help you think through the types and levels of gifts you’d be proud to present. Or talk to one of our sales reps, who can guide you though our incredible online promotional product catalog.

You can even take a look at our sales rep Annie Solfronk’s special website, Gifts By Annie, that she has set up to help make ordering holiday corporate gifts easy.

The big message here is to get started. Don’t wait until you see snow, or hear “ho, ho, ho” at your local shopping mall. By then, it will be too late to get anything that will make your business stand out. And that thought ought to scare you more than the monster masks now appearing at your local mass merchandiser.

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