Clients and Prospects Will Be Organized – and Impressed with This Promotional Gift

If your business hands out promotional gifts to customers and prospects (and I believe you should), you really ought to take notes as you read today’s post. That’s because it’s about an item that I think is the best way ever to do just that—take notes.

Quick backstory. Joan Weitzel—one of our customer service reps here at Superior—was attending a promotional product show to stay current and check out the newest offerings. She picked up a few samples of the Rocketbook Everlast notebook. It seemed to be the “hot” item at the show. That’s not surprising.

Your “Last” Notebook

Why is the Rocketbook Everlast so popular? Well, it could be the last notebook you ever need, because it will last virtually forever. The word “unique” is overused, but it truly applies to the Rocketbook Everlast. Here’s why.

The pages feel like paper, but they’re really made from a polyester composite material. Take notes with any pen from the Pilot Frixion collection, available in most stores. So far, not much difference, right? But here’s the cool part.

Once you’re done, scan it with your smartphone using the Rocketbook app. Your scanned note page is saved in a special folder on a cloud service you designate, including DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud and many others. Then, just wipe the page clean with a moistened microfiber cloth. Your notes are saved and accessible. And your notebook is empty and ready for re-use.

Creative, Efficient, Satisfying

People love the feel of writing with pen and paper. And I’ve shared plenty of research that shows that they remember things better when they take notes on paper, rather than electronically.

But turning them into digital files can make them easy to organize and work with. That means the Rocketbook Everlast gives you the best of both worlds.

The Rocketbook app gives you an amazing variety of options regarding how and where to store your scanned note pages. It helps you get creative, get organized, and get going. That makes it a wonderful promotional gift for important clients, key prospects and high-achieving employees.

A Gift for Promotional Gifts

We at Superior are happy to be able to bring you the Rocketbook Everlast. It’s only natural, since we are the promotional product experts. We’ve been making businesses more efficient for almost a century now, with printing services, promotional product management and more.

Our clients have come to expect outstanding results from Superior. Their positive feedback has earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. And the quality of our customer service is something you can rely on; our ISO certification requires consistent and rigorous processes

Want access to the ‘hottest’ promotional gifts, the latest technologies, and unmatched industry expertise? Make a note to contact Superior today.

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