Three Great Promotional Products for Music Industry Marketing

Music-Themed USB Drives Strike Just the Right Note for Marketing

I know I’ve been talking about promotional products quite a bit recently, but after the latest survey from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), I felt I had to share the information. The survey showed promotional products to be just about the best form of advertising you could use to influence your customers and prospects to have a positive image of you and your organization. But how can you make the most effective advertising tool work even better? It’s easy – choose the right one. And that survey provided some help there, too.

The results showed that overall, the most influential promotional product is the USB drive. It’s handy, it’s contemporary, and it is among the most useful promotional products your customers will receive, so it’s something they’ll appreciate. But there is such a variety of USB drive styles and types available that, with a little creativity, you can make the promotional product an even bigger hit with those receiving it!

Three “Greatest Hits” for Marketing to the Music Industry

If you are involved in any way in the music industry, marketing can be a lot of fun, but it also needs to be effective. You can choose a USB drive that reflects your common interest in the music industry and build an even stronger bond with your customers and prospects. Here are three top USB’s for the music industry and three excellent ways to get beyond the “same old song and dance.”

 1.      Microphone Shaped USB Drive

The universal tool for singers, comedians, speakers and many other kinds of performers, the microphone is a recognizable and beloved implement. Imagine the extra fun it brings when your promotional product to customers and prospects is a microphone USB drive that reflects your shared commitment to the industry and lifestyle.

Microphone USB drives can be fully customized with many different colors, sizes, and shapes. Here are just a few examples. In the entertainment world, microphones carry magical sounds to the audience. In your business, microphone USB drives carry an extra level of delight for your target audience.

2. Guitar Shaped USB Drive

Musicians are particular about their instruments and every guitarist has his personal favorite make and model, whether it’s a Gibson, Fender, or a “Strat.” But all of them will agree on their favorite USB drive when it comes in the shape of a miniature guitar.

Three Great Promotional Products for Music Industry MarketingOur selection of USB shaped guitar drives includes guitars of many different colors and shapes and materials. We even have a bamboo guitar shaped USB drive. And, like the microphone USB drives above, remember that you can get them in many different storage size options from 4 GB on up. Hey, what musician isn’t all about “gigs”?

3. Fully Custom USB Drive

As you see above, there are plenty of choices in the microphone and guitar shaped USB collections, but those are just popular examples. Don’t let them limit your thinking. Perhaps there’s another instrument or music-related item that better reflects your business or your connection to music. Just ask, and we can customize a USB drive in almost any shape or configuration you dream up to promote your brand.

How about a harmonica? A keyboard? A drum?  How about a musical “measure” with the notes to your jingle on it? How about a replica of the newest product you have launched. If you are targeting comedians, how about a USB drive designed as a huge “grin?” If you’re planning a promotional product for a magician’s conference, how about a USB that features a magician’s assistant “separated in two” when the drive is opened? Give us your most creative idea – I’m pretty confident we can create it.

If you’d like to toss around a few ideas for an unusual flash drive for your company or clients,  give me a call. Promotional products (especially USB drives) are very popular to begin with, but with a little creative thinking, I’ll bet we can make your next item hit the top of the charts with your customers and prospects.

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