Are you starting to use videos to help market your business, but not sure exactly what to do? Many times companies have great videos, but because they don’t know what to do with the videos they never get the full benefit from having them. Below are 5 very helpful tips to improve your video marketing and ideas on the best ways to get your videos the most exposure.

  1. Find your company’s best representative. This is going to be the person who is always smiling, has a positive attitude that attracts everyone, and is not shy in front of the camera. Your marketing and sales professionals are not always the most likely candidates so make sure to consider everyone.
  2. Publish videos regularly. If you are new, start with shorter 1- to 3-minute videos that educate your audience, then as you get more comfortable, you can make them longer videos and worry about all the editing.
  3. Be yourself. Try not to read from a script and be as natural as possible. People will be more interested if they are seeing an authentic person they can relate to opposed to someone just reading off a script.
  4. Add other people in your videos. Mixing it up is a great idea to keep your audience from getting bored. Interview different people at your company or various colleagues in the industry. A great place to do this is trade shows because you have many of the industry leaders all in one place, so it’s easy to do.
  5. Create a series of videos. This will keep your target audience coming back for more. If you decide to use this strategy make sure that you deliver the different videos in a timely manner, so that people don’t forget about what you are doing.
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