Team Up With Us to Rally Your MVPs (Most Valuable Prospects)

Gimme an “S”…gimme a “U”…(okay, I’ll stop now). But you see the picture above, you know where I’m heading. It’s no secret I’m a big believer in promotional items, and promotional apparel is usually near the top of that list in popularity.

But right now, one classic item is enjoying a trendy resurgence with consumers everywhere. And I think it provides a refreshing bit of cheer in the midst of all we’ve been through. That item is the varsity jacket.

Customized Varsity Jackets Offer Ageless Appeal for People of All Ages

Varsity jackets have been around since the 1930s, but have become more popular today than ever.

They are a current fashion hit with everyone from baby boomers back to the varsity athletes whose predecessors inspired them in the first place. You’ll even find them displayed at high-end retailers and worn by the most fashion-forward celebs. Even our CMO’s hard-earned varsity jacket is often borrowed by her daughter – when she can sneak away with it.

Think of the excitement they will generate among your key employees. Decorate the jackets with your choice of graphics and subtle branding as you wish – they will be loved and prized.

Schools Take Notice

If you represent a school, don’t miss out on the chance to make the most of the popularity of this item. We’re happy to assist in designing the most attractive jacket to present your school’s colors, style, and graphics.

A multitude of styles and custom treatments are available, in wool or wool with leather or vinyl accents. Creativity counts, and we can help a great deal with that.

We’ve become a valuable resource to schools and other like organizations, offering a full range of personal protective equipment (PPE) so necessary right now as schools reopen.

Masks, sanitizers, and portable sneeze guards for kids are just some of our many offerings.

Superior Makes It Letter Perfect

If your business, organization, or school doesn’t know us yet, you should. We’ve been helping clients in all those categories work more efficiently for longer than those varsity jackets have been “a thing.”

Our customers have given us such positive reviews, we’ve earned four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. And our ISO certification ensures that we maintain strict customer-focused standards. (Our competition could go to school on us!)

So if you’re looking for great custom outerwear get in on this hot fashion trend – and don’t do it with second-stringers. Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant and ask for help creating the perfect promotional varsity jacket for your school, organization, or brand.

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