When It Comes to Hot Promotional Apparel, Things Are Really Looking Down!

Across the country, one of the most popular trends in promotional company apparel is…socks! Bright, colorful promotional socks. And that figures, if you think about it.

Office workers have always looked for ways to perk up their business attire and show a little individuality. Fun socks are a great way to do it!

Plus, with offices becoming more casual, and many people working from home, there’s almost no reason not to go for it.  And there’s absolutely no reason you can’t be the one to help them, by giving them great-looking socks with your logo artfully displayed.

Your Logo, Early and Often

Fun, promotional socks bring smiles each time your recipients put them on.

Think of the positive feelings they’ll associate with your brand as they proudly don those socks to demonstrate their own originality and spirit.

And they’ll draw many more smiles when others see them all day long.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Your business or organization can jump on this trend by giving promotional socks to your key clients, prospects, or members.

Here are just a few of the many ways companies and organizations can benefit from this increasingly popular trend.

  1. Higher Education

If you are a school, logo socks are a fun way for students and staff to show their pride. They make great giveaways for events, or just sell them with other spiritwear. Perfect for recruiting new students, and maintaining and strengthening connections with those important alums.

And what about fraternities and sororities, whether social or business? Greek organizations can use them to display their letters in dozens of ways.

  1. The “Down to Earth” Corporate Uniform

Dress codes are in flux these days. But even in the most traditional offices, that little spark is a welcome touch. Show employees that your “business casual” isn’t “business stuffy.”

A little personality can add to team spirit and productivity.

Send your promotional socks to new hires, or hand them out at team-building events. There’s no better way to say “you’ve joined a place you’re going to enjoy working.”

Socks are an ideal way to keep those remote employees (which so many are right now) connected.

  1. Fundraisers and Non-Profit Organizations

Promotional socks are the perfect item for use as a fundraiser. They not only reap donations as a prize for a certain level of contribution, but they also display your logo to hundreds of others as they are worn long into the future.

Why not provide promotional socks to the volunteers at your charity events? Use this promotional gift as a fun way to thank them and to add visibility to your people during the event.

Promotional socks are a natural for charity runs and walkathons, of course – but they’re so much fun, they’re a perfect fit no matter what activity is afoot.

  1. Making Fast Friends in Fast Food

“Do you want socks with that?”  You might just hear that soon. Fast-food chains and individual restaurants develop loyal followings, especially when they develop a personality on social media. Many are playing up that loyalty by creating online merchandise stores with logo’d apparel for sale.

Promotional socks are the perfect item since they are affordable (for both you and the buyer).

Socks are also easy to deal with in fulfillment since few sizing options are needed.

  1. A Real Winner for “Rec” Sports

Promotional socks can be part of the uniform—from Class A to the eighth-grade class!

Even recreation league teams can show their spirit and solidarity at an affordable cost. A perfect way for fans to “step up” too. Sell them online, at team shops and merchandise tables, or for booster club fundraisers.

Toss a few pairs into the stands to excite the crowd. (They’re inexpensive and soft, so no danger to fans.)

Give promotional socks as end-of-season banquet awards.

  1. A Premium Item for Insurance Agents

This is an area where people spend serious money on a product they can’t see. Give them a little memento they CAN see – and wear and enjoy.

Hand promotional socks out to prospects or renewing customers to say “we STILL appreciate your business”.

Host benefit fairs or info sessions? All promo items are great marketing tools, but bringing promotional socks to client meetings can be a great policy!

  1. At Home in Housing and Real Estate

Purchasing a home (and even renting an apartment) can mean stress, worry, and expense. Colorful promotional socks can lighten the mood and humanize the process.

A wonderful addition to welcome packages for new tenants at an apartment or student housing complex.

Promotional socks make a memorable way for real estate firms and agents to thank new buyers and keep in touch with past customers to stay top-of-mind for their next move.

  1. A Must for Movie and Music Fans

Are you in the entertainment industry? Use logo or character socks in PR/promo kits sent to influencers. A show-stopping giveaway for opening night in theaters, too.

And think how fans of a movie franchise or top musical group will jump on the opportunity to show where their loyalties lie.

Fans love wearables and will be thrilled to purchase such a unique souvenir.

Put Your Toe in the Water in Promotional Socks

These are just a few of the many ways smart marketers can use promotional socks. If you’d like to hear more, let us know. It’s a rare opportunity to get in on a growing trend at a reasonable price of entry.

Why not also offer these in your company’s online store, as many company’s give their employees “company store dollars” to use as an added perk, they’ll be sure to snatch them up and walk away with them. Show employees that your company is up to date and has a little personality!

The Place for Promotional Socks Success

We’ve long been the premier provider for promotional items that work hard for your business. After all, that’s what we’ve been doing since 1924.

Our ISO certification demands that we meet high standards for customer service. And we are proud to live up to them with every customer, every time. Want evidence it works? We’ve just earned our fifth straight Best of Print & Digital award.

Contact Superior with the link atop this page or reach out to your Superior sales rep and ask for help in creating the perfect promotional socks for your organization.

Something new is afoot in today’s hottest promotional items. And you don’t want to be caught out of step!


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