If You Are Wondering How to Plan a Golf Tournament, All You Need Is Our Golf Tournament Planning Guide

Even up north, the weather is improving. I don’t know about you, but that makes me think about golf season. But that doesn’t mean my mind is drifting away from business. Not by a long shot (no pun intended). Because golf season means it’s time to think about those golf tournaments and outings, many businesses put on. They can be wonderful promotional opportunities for your business or organization—if, you know how to plan a golf tournament that is such a success, folks want to come back year after year!

A golf outing can be a great way to raise funds for a charitable organization, or just to strengthen relationships and entertain customers and prospects. You can raise your company’s image big time and create lasting memories for a large batch of enthusiastic customers and prospects. Frankly, it’s one of the best marketing enablement tools out there. And here’s even-better news: we can help a great deal, with our updated 2020 Golf Tournament Planning Guide.

Planning Foursomes Doesn’t Have to Be a “Fearsome” Task

Handling all the details involved in planning and hosting a corporate golf tournament can be intimidating. But our golf tournament planning guide helps you deal with them all effectively. And that pays big dividends in several ways.

  • First, it simplifies the process, sparing you the headaches, worry and uncertainty
  • Secondly, it greatly increases the impact of your event, making it more memorable and more fun for all who participate.
  • That, in turn, means it can raise more money from sponsorships and deliver more money for the charity it supports.
  • Finally, it will also provide maximum return to your company through your business name and logo on the event materials displayed, and the promotional items used and gifted to players during the event.

These days, workplace golfers have to choose from many golf outings; you have to do all you can to ensure yours is the one they’ll choose every year.

Here’s How Our “How to Plan a Golf Tournament” Guide Will Help

Download it, then take a look inside. You’ll see how many helpful things it contains, including:

  1. Hints on how to go about establishing a budget and going through the necessary tournament planning process.
  2. A tournament timeline that serves as your foolproof “checklist” to ensure that things happen when and how they need to.
  3. Tips on how to maximize fundraising throughout the tournament or outing, from beverage carts and putting contests to hole sponsorships and selling “mulligans.”
  4. Special programs allowing you to get golf balls printed with your logo and returned on the schedule you need them, at the lowest possible price. Even in custom packaging that carries your company’s unique logo and graphics.
  5. The Top Ten golf giveaway items, premiums and prizes, so you can choose the ones that will be most popular with your golfing guests.
  6. Other unique tournament options like “fittings” of golf bags and shoes, and golf “kits”—think “swag bag”—each guest receives, containing memorable and desirable items he or she can use on or off the course, and appreciate you for providing it.

Show FOREsight! Get our How to Plan a Golf Tournament Guide

Anyone can put on a charity golf tournament. Not everyone can produce a first-class event that raises a lot of money, and one that golfers return to year after year. Wonder no more about how to easily and successfully plan a golf tournament, because here’s the answer.

Grab a copy of our fully updated, 2017 golf tournament planning guide from the link above, then be sure to reach out to me or one of our winning sales reps. They’re ready to “chip in” (sorry) with all the help you need to make your event a success.

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