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This is the time of year to think golf. But not just for yourself. Think about golf as a business or marketing event. This is a great time to gather the best resources and plan a golf outing or tournament. Hands down, the best resource you can tap into is our golf outing planning checklist.

What kind of tournament or outing? That’s up to you. Maybe it’s an employee-bonding effort or a thank-you for key clients and partners. Golf outings are also very popular fund-raising opportunities for non-profits and other organizations. But it’s hard to imagine a better vehicle for branding and tie-in opportunities, for both the host and event sponsors.

Here’s How Our 2019 Golf Tournament Planning Guide Will Help

As you can probably imagine (or know, if you’ve done it before) there’s a lot involved in putting on a golf event. Fortunately, you can find a lot of answers all in one place. Or all in one guide, to be more specific. Our newly updated guide provides valuable information in all these areas:

  • Gift Ideas

Gifts are an attractive component of golf outings. Golf-related promotional items in bags for each participant, prizes for on-course competitions or side events on the putting green, etc., are all important to success. Veteran golf participants call it “swag.” Companies who do it right call it terrific marketing. Our 2019 complete golf planning guide will help you select the most desirable and effective items.

  • Kits

Combining gifts and promotional items into “kits” can save you time and money. They help control costs and minimize ordering hassles. But you retain the flexibility to put different logos on different items in the kit. That offers you plenty of sponsorship opportunities for businesses who would like to gain exposure to your desirable golfing audience.

  • Fundraising Tips

If the goal of your golf event is to raise funds, let’s be blunt: you need to know what you’re doing. To maximize the monies generated for the charity, you need to set prices at the right levels and utilize every fund-raising component available. Mulligans? Closest-to-the-pin contests? The guide will ‘flag” them for you! (Sorry, had to sneak in one golf pun.)

  • Tournament Planning and Timelines

Details matter. You have to make the right moves, in the right order, and start soon enough to avoid chaos and rush pricing. Our guide contains an easy-to-follow checklist that will keep you on track, and ensure the event generates the traffic you are looking for and runs smoothly at every stage. There’s a great deal to do, but it doesn’t have to mean a great deal of stress for you. Our complete golf planning guide will make things easy.

  • Golf Fittings

This could be the “something extra” your outing or tournament offers. By having a full range of size options and professional club, shoe and glove-fitters on hand, you are providing more than a good time. You are including a service that ensures your gift items are very much appreciated. They will also help improve the golf games of your guests, something they’ll remember you for forever. See the guide for more details.

  • Golf Balls Custom Packing and Quick Turnaround

Unsurprisingly, golf balls are the lifeblood of play in golf outings. They are frequent giveaways, valued elements in participation kits, and great mementos of the event. These “rolling billboards” keep host and sponsor names and logos in plain view and top of mind all day and all golf season.

Custom packaging allows you to choose the brand, number, and configuration of balls, as well as what names and logos you want displayed. The guide offers plenty of advice on these choices, as well as sources and anticipated time frames you can expect based on your preferences.

Time to Hit the Link

This is just a small sampling of what is included in our updated golf planning guide for 2019. So don’t waste time; click now to access our updated complete Golf Tournament Planning Guide  for 2019. We’ve been helping businesses stay on course (oops, sorry, another one) for nearly 100 years, and our experience comes in handy in many ways.

Our three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards show our customers are pleased. And our ISO certification tells you that you will benefit from the same proven practices.

After you download the Golf Planning Guide, why not contact Superior today? I’ll resist the urge to end with another golf pun. Because while golf is fun to play, helping to build your business is even better. And at that, we’re the pros.

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