Custom Product Labels Increase Sales by Drawing in Customers

Most of the time, I talk about how your business can increase efficiency, reduce costs and get more sales. Usually, I talk about technologies like online portals for sourcing and procurement of printing and promotional items, and modern concepts like managed print services. Today, I’d like to focus on something even more basic. The topic: your products and the difference custom product labels can make in boosting their sales.

The impression created by your product, as it sits on a shelf or on a sales floor, results from many factors. Reputation and history are part of it, of course. But the largest factor, in most cases, is the packaging of the product itself.

The label has a difficult job to do. It clearly must identify your product and make it stand out from the competition. But it also must convey information, reflect your brand’s personality, meet legal requirements, and more.

Making Custom Product Labels Work For Your Business

A well-designed custom product label can help your packaging achieve all the objectives above and contribute to your sales. Today, I’d like to offer a few ideas on what you can do to make sure that happens.

  1. Your Custom Product Label Must Capture Attention

With many consumers, this is your best (and only) chance. Consumers make product purchase decisions at the store one-third of the time. To win that battle, your product must catch their eye, and appear to be a better choice than the brands surrounding it. You can accomplish this through color, materials, and design decisions. But as you make these decisions, don’t look at your product as it rests on your desk. Picture it in the environment where it will do battle with your competition.

  1. Your Custom Product Label Must Be Easy to Read

Labels can look like a dumping ground for many pieces of information, including product information, usage directions, ingredients, and more. So it takes discipline to make sure that from four feet away (from behind a speeding shopping cart) your consumer can read the most important parts of your product label. In my opinion, those would be the product name, the brand name, and the key benefit(s) to your target audience.

  1. Your Custom Product Label Must Convey the Right Information

Your custom product label is the salesperson that is always on the spot, ready to influence a customer’s buying decision. Keep that in mind as you arrange the information on your label. Make sure the label tells a convincing story on behalf of the brand, and encourages a “buy now” reaction. Most important: talk about the benefits of your product, not just its ingredients. Don’t tell them what’s in it. Tell them what’s in it for them.

  1. Your Custom Product Label Must Look Like the Product You Are Selling

Being “different” is a good thing, in most cases. But make sure your product label feels appropriate to the brand and industry in which you do business. Customers have a general idea of what they expect a container of soup to look like, and it’s different than a container of tennis balls.

Bright and bold graphics and typography are good things. But if your custom product label seems too “out of the norm” for a brand in your category, you might need to rethink it. A food product packaged like a kitchen cleanser isn’t very appetizing. And a cleanser that resembles a can of carrots won’t build confidence.

  1. Your Custom Product Label Must Protect Your Product Quality

This one applies more in some categories than others. But as a product moves through the supply chain, rough handling and temperature extremes can mar or damage the label. Make sure yours is designed to handle the journey and protect your brand image with every package. We can tell you about moisture-resistant materials and special adhesives that can make a big difference.

Getting Custom Product Labels Efficiently

There’s another way that custom labels help improve your bottom line. With our Commodity Management Solutions, labels can be ordered and distributed across your enterprise on a “just-in-time” basis. Our Corporate Kiosk™ e-procurement technology will help you lower and standardize costs, cut waste, reduce or eliminate inventory requirements, and more. No one in your company will ever again order the wrong kind of labels, pay too much for them, or best of all, run short.

Custom Product Labels from Superior

Labels do more than identify a product. They give customers a reason to buy it. For custom product labels that will sell your products and beat your competition, contact Superior or reach out to one of our winning promotional marketing sales reps.

Oh, one more thing. Let’s not forget the many kinds of tracking and identification labels that guide products from production through logistics and distribution. Some labels aren’t designed to attract customers, but rather to get the products into their hands quickly and efficiently. We’ll talk more about that another time.


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