This is the time of year where everyone likes to talk about what they are going to change and how it’s all going to workout. And most of these goals never get met because people only get as far as talking about them. If you are serious about your business goals for 2012, then you need to write them down, create strategies on how you will reach them, and how you will measure your success. Below are some other tactics to help you stay on track and achieve your business goals for 2012. Business Goals

  • Make your goals specific and attainable. Just saying you want your company to grow is not enough. You need to specify how you want it to grow, what the new numbers will look like and ways you will reach those goals.
  • Create your own unique goals. Seeing what your competitors are doing is smart, but do not base your goals off what they are doing or wanting to achieve.
  • Share your goals with your team. Show them how your goals are going to affect them and the company. Express to them how you need their support in order to achieve these goals. Make them feel apart of a team!
  • Turn your goals into steps. Break each goal down and plan out the steps necessary to attain them, who will be in charge, and when it needs completed.
  • Monitor your progress regularly. Share your progress with your team on a monthly basis. Talk up the things they are doing well and then brainstorm on how they can improve the process so that you stay on track and attain your goals.
As you can see a lot of the tactics above are action-based meaning you can’t just talk about them. You will have to put pen to paper and get support from your team. What other tips would you add to this list above?
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