A Working Guide to the Channel that WORKS

I can remember a time when consumers were not particularly enchanted with direct mail. But amidst all the chaotic new developments on the marketing landscape in recent years, a strange and wonderful thing has happened…direct mail has become a favorite!  Marketers spew out a blizzard of emails, mobile messages, and social media campaigns, all in hopes of creating that “one to one” interaction so important to customer relationships today.  Ironically enough, it’s direct mail that really delivers it.

Almost in self-defense, buried consumers condition themselves to click “delete” as quickly as possible to stay ahead of the barrage of ads trying so hard to capture their attention. But a well-designed direct mail piece sent to their address has little competition, and feels more personal. Recipients spend more time with a direct mail piece than other forms of marketing and, as a result, they have more time to be influenced by your message.

Direct Mail, Done Right

To really capture the attention of the person receiving it, a direct mail piece needs to be well thought-out, carefully designed and flawlessly executed. And there are several important things it should contain to maximize impact. We’ve created the Infographic below that contains information about the value of direct mail and ten tips to help ensure that your direct mail effort is a successful one.

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It’s All About Direct Mail - Infographic

Go For Delight – Not “Delete”

I’m always impressed by a creative, well-executed direct mail piece. It feels a bit like a gift – a surprise in the mail.  (I don’t feel that way when I see a pile of unwanted emails in my inbox.)  I’d love to work with you to perfect your direct mail idea, or brainstorm few new ones. Just give me a call.

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