Here’s How We Reduced Lost Income For Fresh Express with a Custom Label Solution How We Reduced Lost Income For Fresh Express with a Custom IRC Label Solution

The big story here is how we provided a great solution for Fresh Express Salad Kits.  Previously, we were running Instant Redemption Coupon (IRC) labels for them on rolls.  Bottom line: it was “bulky” for their Reps and Brokers to schlep a “Roll of Labels” around when they were in the field.  Here’s how we solved their problem with a custom label solution and helped them to reduce lost income.

The Customer

It may sound improbable to actually reduce lost income with a label solution, but I assure you, it’s possible. Think about efficiency and time saved in the facility or field with a custom label solution. In this case, Fresh Express – a Superior Business Solutions’ customer for five years – was using IRC (Instant Redemption Coupons), which had been very successful in helping them move product, thus reducing lost income.

The Problem

The Fresh Express IRC labels were previously run on rolls of 100 to 300 labels, which the client said was cumbersome for Fresh Express reps in the field to haul around from store to store.  It slowed them down and made their days less efficient.

The reps needed a solution to make things easier, so their time could be more productive.

The Solution

After understanding the problem, the solution seemed to be printing the labels on 8 1/2” x 11” sheets and 3-hole punching them to fit into a binder that reps or brokers could carry to stores.

We even helped them increase efficiencies by handling the shipping of the binders directly to their reps and brokers.

The Process

For our first sheeted run of 400,000 permanent labels, we worked with Production to come up with the most cost-effective solution.  We setup as many labels as possible by positioning the 3 ½” diameter labels 12-Up per page.  By flooding the page yellow and using spot colors for the client’s specific PMS colors, we were able reduce Production costs.  For Fulfilment, we shrink-wrapped packages in customer-specified amounts.

But we still weren’t done refining the process…

Refining the Process

On our second run of IRC labels for Fresh Express we doubled up from the previous run of 400,000 labels to 800,000 labels as they acquired more business.  To make the process even more efficient, we decided to remove the matrix, between labels, on the sheets because it made them lighter and easier to tear out of the books when in the field. Our packaging solution included labels for packages sent to Brokers with instructions and Flyers that were added to the packages with instructions for stores in (16) Divisions nationally.

And the icing on the cake? Our production facility in Cincinnati was able to get the labels done early.

The Result

Our client couldn’t be more pleased with our sheeting solution, saying, “The $4 labels look great on product, and so far everyone is happy to have the sheets (vs. rolls) and I’ve heard no concerns.  Thanks!”  We are currently awaiting details on another order, as this campaign has proven very successful.

You know success in business is about solving problems.  It’s not always about price – oftentimes it’s about making things “easier” for our clients.  In this case, we were able to make delivering labels to product work for end-users.  We looked at what wasn’t working for the customer and proposed a solution that ensured the high-quality product they expected, that was in-line with their budget.  It was a WIN-WIN for everyone.

Contact us today, you never know, you just might find you are able to reduce lost income with something as simple as a custom label solution.

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