A Look Back at the 5 Most-read Posts in Our #THRIVE15 SeriesThe 5 Most Popular #THRIVE15 Posts

The end of the year often means it’s time for those “lists” that people love to put out. I confess, I rather enjoy them and want to get on the bandwagon. So today, I thought I’d let you in on the five most popular posts from the ##THRIVE15 series I’ve been bringing you throughout the year.

The goal of the series (though the title makes it pretty obvious) was to help you deal with some of the issues that come up in the workplace, and provide some tips about helping you strike a better balance between the demands of that workplace and the other very important parts of your life, like family, vacations and other things that make you a well-rounded individual.Why not check them out? Hopefully it’s helpful information, whether you’re seeing it again or for the first time. And if any of these posts spur a comment or reflection from you, by all means, please share them.

# 5:  How to Sleep at Night – #THRIVE15

No, it wasn’t about ethics! Early in the year, I wrote this post that included advice on how to get more (and more restful) sleep, plus a few suggestions on how to keep business worries  from keeping you awake.

# 4:  Show Me The Money! #THRIVE15

In another February post, I introduced a very important subject: making money. While that seems like a pretty mundane subject, it’s the whole reason we exist. If we don’t save our clients money, they have no reason to use us. So in this post I began a discussion that spanned a couple of weeks telling you about the very tangible ways (most of them through modern technologies) that Superior Business Solutions will add value, buildings sales, saving you time and enhancing your bottom line.

# 3:  Is Taking Time Off Bad For Business? #THRIVE15

Our business culture tends to make heroes out of the dedicated, 24/7 warriors that can’t seem to leave their business for a moment. It plays havoc with vacations, relationships with your family, and even others in your company. In this fall post, I shared information that suggests the opposite is true, and included some input from reformed workaholic John Gassman to help prove the point.

# 2:  5 Tips for Dealing With Difficult Co-workers – #THRIVE15

People are always looking for ways to deal with this stressful situation, so I’m not surprised this post in September caught their attention. I passed along some helpful tips on how to handle this common office problem. Tips covered the spectrum. On one end was making sure the problem is real (and he other person’s fault), and not merely a clash of styles or an approach that doesn’t agree with yours. On the flip side however, another tip suggested a “no tolerance” policy if the questionable behavior had escalated into bullying.

#1:  Why Adults Need Recess!    #THRIVE15

This post from August, with the school year looming, was one of my favorites, too. In it, I referred to some accepted studies that actually prove that the brain does a better job when it is given appropriate rest. Beyond even that, it can do a better job coming up with creative solutions to challenging work problems once it has had a chance to relax and enjoy a little distraction, like a game or a little light-hearted diversion.

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