This Unbelievable Promotional Umbrella Works Better in the Rain — and in Your Promotional Marketing!

Okay, by now you know my last few posts have dealt with using umbrellas for promotional marketing. But I’ve saved the best for last. The best umbrella, that is. It has a funny name, but once you learn about what makes it different, you’ll understand.

To do that, think about all the times you’ve used an umbrella. It usually worked pretty well, right? But what is the one point where you’ve almost certainly gotten wet, each and every time. How about getting in and out of your car?

You know the feeling. Trudging through puddles and a downpour, thankful to reach your car. But then, you have to close the umbrella. You get drenched. First, from the rain that finally gets to you as it closes. Then from the rain on the top of your umbrella. When the umbrella folds up, that water must go somewhere. And that’s usually on the person holding it. Until now.

Two Umbrellas Too Good to Be Believed

Meet two great solutions from ShedRain®, a respected company that has been making quality umbrellas for over 70 years—and it’s the only one that still has a manufacturing facility in the United States. From that expertise comes a unique umbrella, available for promotional marketing. It’s the UnbelievaBrella™ Reverse Closing Umbrella, and it’s an exceptional promotional gift or golf outing prize. Your recipients will love it and appreciate you for giving it to them. This amazing umbrella is available in two versions.

  1. The UnbelievaBrella Reverse Closing Full-Size Umbrella

The way it works makes it different—and better—than other umbrellas. It has a unique system for opening and closing. It reverses when closing to create a funnel, capturing the water that a traditional umbrella would dump on you.

You Won’t Believe What THIS Promotional Umbrella Will DO for Your Promotional Marketing!

When you’re headed to store, the office, or home from work, why settle for “a little wet” when you could be totally dry? This umbrella has a lot more to offer, as well:

  • A large 48-inch arc when open
  • A manageable 33-in. length that works well with golf bags
  • Steel shaft and fiberglass ribs
  • Rubber-coated “C”-shaped handle—hold it hands-free!
  • Available in six colors and three print designs
  • Prominent space for imprint
  1. NEW UnbelievaBrella Auto-reverse Compact Model

Many people prefer compact umbrellas, for obvious reasons. But those people deserve the unique benefits of an UnbelievaBrella, too, so here it is.

The reverse mechanism means you don’t need to get out of the car to open it, and you don’t get a bath while closing it! Just push the button for smart, automatic operation. You Won’t Believe What THIS Promotional Umbrella Will DO for Your Promotional Marketing!

It has other great features, too.

  • A 47-inch arc when open (larger than many full-sized umbrellas)
  • Only 12.5 inches long when closed.
  • Black electrostatic steel shaft
  • Black electrostatic steel and fiberglass ribs
  • Rubber-coated handle with button matching canopy color You Won’t Believe What THIS Promotional Umbrella Will DO for Your Promotional Marketing!
  • Large imprint areas: 11 inches wide by 4.5 inches high
  • Available in five popular colors

This is a wonderful idea for dozens of great promotional marketing opportunities. You certainly don’t need to be a golfer to love this kind of handy versatility.

Make a Choice That Suits Your Promotional Marketing to a “Tee”

Sorry, had to make one last golf joke. But promotional umbrellas from Superior will be a huge hit with the customers, prospects and key employees you are trying to impress. And that’s where we have nearly 100 years’ experience ─ in helping businesses build their business more effectively.

Along the way, we’ve earned ISO certification, which ensures that our processes are effective and customer-focused. And thanks to our satisfied customers, we’ve now won two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. Contact Superior today. We can certainly help with golf umbrellas. But we can also offer plenty of other promotional marketing suggestions to help you avoid the traps and stay high and dry in every business climate.

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