Go Green for Great ROI

Guest post by SBS Senior Promotional Marketing Specialist

6 Ways to Go Green with Your Promotional Products for Great ROIIn part 1 of my article on green marketing, I talked about why green marketing matters to your target market.  If you missed it, you can catch up here. Today though I want to give you 6 ways to go green with your custom, branded, promotional items to position your brand in a unique green way that will give great ROI.

6 Ways to Go Green with Your Promotional Products for Great ROI

1. Writing Instruments – Environmentally friendly writing tools, such as biodegradable pens or recycled paper pencils, give your target audience something useful without adding more plastic to the landfill. Throw in a jotter made with a recycled cardboard cover and recycled pages and you’re in the “green” business.

2. Health and Wellness – From solar-powered pedometers to recycled walking kits and backpacks made from recycled materials that promote healthy living and a healthy environment, there are countless green choices in this popular interest area.

3. In the Kitchen – You can come up with a great promotional piece for the foodies in your target market with green items they will use over and over again including bamboo cutting boards, recycled cotton aprons, planters and herb grow pots made with repurposed or recycled materials.

4. Apparel – Going green looks cool on everyone. Consider items such as ball caps made from 100% organic cotton, or a T-shirt made from a blend of bamboo and cotton, or a polo or jacket made with recycled high-count polyester. You’ll have many walking “green” billboards of your brand for many years to come.

5. Drinkware – Think about drinkware made with recycled materials and those that are recyclable. Both are environmentally responsible and make a great impression. Reusable water bottles are great for runners, bikers, hikers, and just about everyone who likes to drink on the go. Mugs and tumblers made Reusable Bags and Totesfrom corn plastic are just too cool…how cool? They are made from a 100% renewable resource using no petroleum as a raw material. The manufacturing process uses less energy, produces way fewer carbon emissions and conserves water. Corn plastic is a substantially greener choice than traditional plastic drinkware.

6. Reusable Bags and Totes – This is an easy one and our most popular green promotional items. With an increasing number of cities banning single-use plastic bags and the impending bag ban in the state of California, the use of recycled and reusable bags is on the rise, and the more of them consumers have, the better. Reusable bags and totes come in a variety of green options too such as bags made from woven corn plastic, hemp and organic-cotton. Your current clients, prospects, attendees, and fans will get a lot of use out of reusable bags, they will keep them for a long time which makes for a great ROI and added value to your brand’s promotion.

Go Green for Great ROI with a Promotional Product Program

Promotional Programs: Brand Promotion, Tradeshows, Corporate Gifts, Golf Outing

We see promotional product programs as a strategic part of our clients’ marketing mix, helping organizations boost brand recognition among target audiences at one of the lowest costs per impression of any inbound or outbound advertising channel.

Green marketing matters to your target market since green promotional products support and show your commitment to the environment, will create a positive association with your brand, and will increase awareness of your good corporate citizenship. So the next time you’re looking for unique “Go Green” promotional products to support your marketing or brand strategy, contact us and let’s see what matters to your target market.

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