Here Are 40 BILLION Reasons Why Print Marketing Works NOW!

It was happening even before the pandemic. People were being bombarded with electronic marketing messages, including emails, social media ads, even text messages on their smartphones. Many consumers had already developed a new appreciation for print marketing.

Well, print is now a bigger breath of fresh air than ever. I noticed a recent article on LinkedIn that revealed results from Microsoft’s Work Trend Index. The numbers suggested that, due in part to the pandemic, workers were suffering from “digital overload.”

Stats Suggest You Need a Marketing Change…STAT

Microsoft’s research was conducted using 30,000 people in 31 countries, and it concluded that “digital exhaustion is a real and unsustainable threat.” A number of findings caught my attention. For one, “meeting time” was up over 100%. (And you know how much people love meetings.)

But the stat that almost knocked me off my computer was this one. The number of emails received had increased by more than 40 billion.

The number of emails received had increased by more than 40 billion.

Remember, that’s not a total—that’s an increase of 40 billion emails.

“Why Print It When We Can Just E-mail It?”

How many businesses are sorry now that they made that call!

Digital marketing still has value, to be sure. But if you don’t combine it or back it up with print, you are pouring a glass of water into the ocean.

Think of the extra impact beautiful printed brochures, catalogs, and newsletters can have right now on your most important prospects. They capture hard-to-win attention with bold graphics and hold-it-in-your-hand substance no fleeting on-screen image can match.

But they can work seamlessly with your digital marketing resources. A QR code can quickly send the prospect to your website or targeted landing page. Crisp messaging can inspire them to follow a call to action to enter a contest, sign up for a newsletter, or get more information that moves them closer to a sale.

A Print Partner = A Profitable Partner

Print marketing remains an integral part of effective marketing campaigns. We know that, because we have been helping businesses operate more effectively and generate more sales for nearly 100 years.

We have hundreds of customers who would be happy to back us up on that. In fact, they have. Repeatedly. They provided the objective evaluations that caused us to earn our fifth consecutive Best of Print and Digital award.

If you need even more evidence, look to our ISO certification—which helps us deliver a level of service few companies in our industry can match.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales rep and ask for help with print marketing that helps you stand out. Because standing out depends on an outstanding marketing partner.

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