Custom IRC Labels and These Three Ideas Will Increase Sales

In several recent posts, I’ve mentioned the success businesses are enjoying with instant redeemable coupon labels, also called IRC labels. Basically, these are coupons in the form of adhesive labels that can be affixed to a package to attract consumer attention and deliver an extra reason to purchase that particular product, instead of a competitor’s product nearby.

The growing popularity of these coupons is understandable. Customers love them because they require no cutting, clipping, saving or carrying to the store. They also provide a pleasant surprise right at the point of purchase. All the customer has to do is peel and redeem at checkout if it’s a discount, or take another desired action. Manufacturers, retailers and sales reps love them because they get used and product moves! IRC labels are the most-redeemed type of coupon and that means they contribute plenty of incremental sales.

Let’s look at a few of the ways custom IRC labels can be used to provide that sales boost you’re looking for.

1. When Customers Save, You Move Product

Of course the most common way instant redeemable coupons are used is to offer additional savings to the customer while he or she is actually shopping. Could there be a more effective time to make that offer? Aren’t you just taking in less money for that product?


That attention-getting coupon on the package draws shoppers to your brand instead of the rival brands next to it. Most people don’t make final purchase decisions until they are at the store so a custom IRC label is the best way to get the last word—and the sale. The net result is added sales—still profitable after the coupon, and with the potential to turn each person who tries your product into a long-time customer.

Custom IRC labels can also be used to cut losses. Perishable products nearing the end of their shelf life can be reduced for quick sale, generating revenue from what might have been a total loss. Sales figures look a lot better when product spoilage is avoided and sales reps are able to visit more stores due to a custom IRC label solution. Superior Business Solutions designed custom IRC labels to help Fresh Express do just that. Check out the video below or find out more here.

2. Product Partners Build Sales

Another popular use for instant redeemable coupons is in cross-selling; promotions that pair multiple products for extra savings. In these instances, consumers can realize savings by purchasing two or more complementary products at the same time. Perhaps it’s a discount on milk with the purchase of milk and cookies, on a free dozen eggs with the purchase of two packages of bacon or on a bottle of ranch dressing when fresh carrots or celery are purchased.

These cross-promotions leverage the marketing strength of multiple brands or organizations to create a more impactful offer. And don’t forget the incremental sales from tapping into pairings that trigger positive emotions. Maybe you weren’t really planning on that frozen pizza, but the free movie rental with a purchase offer delivered by custom IRC label plants the seed of a fun family evening.

3. Incentives Add Excitement Which Helps Build Your Brand

Instant redeemable coupons can also be used in countless other ways. Rebates offer savings similar to regular coupons, but require consumers to fill out the rebate form and mail it back. They’re likely to comply to get the savings. When they do, the manufacturer is able to collect both demographic research and customer information that can be used to track and reward brand loyalty and communicate with that customer to build a relationship.Custom IRC Labels for Retail Products can increase sales.

IRC labels can also serve as entry blanks a consumer can use to enter a product sweepstakes. Perhaps the custom IRC labels on a package of pasta offers the chance to win a trip to Italy.  Finally, the “incentive” offered via an IRC label can be primarily informational. Picture a package containing bars of soap; a mini booklet attached offers a guide to avoiding the flu – beginning, of course, with “wash your hands frequently.”

Intrigued By The Power of a Custom IRC Label Solution?

If you are intrigued by the idea of IRC labels, don’t let this opportunity slip away. I love helping people figure out ways to use instant redeemable coupon labels for their business, so just get in touch with me and we can get started. People are a more careful with their money these days, and coupons are more popular than ever. IRC labels are in the right place at the right time; isn’t that a place you should be, too?

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