Creativity in Print Captivates Your Audience

I’ve read several articles recently about how people these days look for “experiences” rather than “things.” (Here’s one from the Atlantic.) There are interesting theories as to why. One is that new things quickly become familiar, while experiences create memories that we regard with increasing fondness.

I think this has big implications for our current series of posts, in which we are addressing the five invaluable features of print marketing. That’s because print marketing can provide experiences that engage customers and prospects far more than any digital screen can.

Print Marketing Offers “Extra” Engagement

Print has long provided the opportunity to give customers added value as part of marketing efforts. Ads can offer recipes, checklists and other helpful features that can be clipped out and saved. Direct mail pieces can deliver an even wider range of experience-makers, like a kids’ growth chart that can adorn a doorway for years, or a premium item that becomes a part of everyday life for the recipient. Calendars remain popular, too.

In contrast, a digital exposure (one among hundreds or thousands per day) delivers a fleeting glimpse. This passive exposure to a message is a far cry from a memorable experience.

Creativity Takes Print Marketing to Another Level

As I mentioned in a post not long ago, marketers today are incorporating new technologies into print marketing to create experiences that are even more engaging. These ads do more than deliver messages, they provide real benefits and lasting memories.

An ad for IKEA becomes a pregnancy-detector. A gate-fold ad for a car company opens to place the reader virtually “in the cockpit” of the vehicle. The door handle tabs he or she used to open the ad are actually pulse sensors that reveal an increased heartbeat as the reader naturally reacts to the impressive display.

Ads for Nivea sunscreen are remarkably interactive. One has solar panels that enable you to charge your cell phone at the beach. Another contains a security wristband for your child that alerts you if the child strays too far from you.

To Connect with Your Customers and Prospects, Connect with Us

Here’s the hard truth: customers and prospects don’t wake up in the morning hoping to hear from you. But you can make them glad they did, with proper planning and experience in your corner. We’re proud and grateful that our customers have chosen us for the “Best of Print and Digital” award for the second consecutive year. Clearly, our print marketing technologies and processes are working for their businesses.

You can also be sure those processes will continue to deliver results. Our ISO certification ensures that they are focused on customer results and refined for continuous improvement.

Print will make your marketing efforts more engaging. Contact Superior today for a free print marketing consultation. And don’t forget to visit here Tuesday, when we wrap up this series.

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