Promotional Products Can Be Better Motivators

Let’s continue our series on promotional marketing programs that could provide big returns for your business. But today, I’m going to surprise you a little bit. And, just maybe, change your thinking.

Successful salespeople usually get plenty of motivation from inside. They naturally want to do well and make a good living for themselves and their families. Understandably, they measure their success through promotions, salaries, commissions and other forms of compensation.

But here’s that surprise I was talking about. With sales incentives programs, do you know what doesn’t always work so well? Money.

The Case of the Vanishing Victory

Some of you are probably skeptical. Everyone loves money, right? Yes—but what they don’t do is remember it. When a salesperson is rewarded with a nominal sum of money for meeting sales incentive goals, he or she will be grateful. But the money will probably go into an account blended with money from all other sources.

Maybe it will help pay a bill. Maybe it will buy groceries that would have been purchased, anyway. Perhaps it will go for a new piece of clothing or a nice dinner out. But in short order, it will be gone. Just a memory with little enduring effect.

With Promotional Products, the Glow Lasts Longer

But a sales incentives program built around promotional products offers something more. It gives those who earn those incentives ongoing reminders of their success. A well-chosen promotional item will serve as a “trophy” for their outstanding performance, and an encouragement for them to achieve even more.

You can choose a broad range of products for your sales incentives program. They can be simple and straightforward, using popular items with proven appeal. Or can use your imagination and creativity to select unique, appropriate items that will provide strong motivation and stir competition.

Want some examples? You can offer name brand jewelry, watches, and accessories, portfolios and luggage, beautiful glassware, or great-looking jackets or other items of apparel.  Your logo tastefully applied turns them into virtual trophies that employees will be proud to use or wear.

Another Incentive for You: Easy Program Administration

Some companies may choose monetary sales incentives thinking that it makes the process easier. With Superior Business Solutions as your promotional marketing partner, that’s just not true. Our Corporate Kiosk™ technology can make the program turnkey. You decide up front, and the rest happens automatically.

Awards can be redeemed as sales goals are reached. You can even give employees a choice of desirable items, so they get to select the one of most interest to them. That way, it’s both personal and empowering. Money sounds dull by comparison!

Step Up Your Sales Incentives Game

If using promotional products as sales incentives feels unfamiliar, good news: it’s very familiar to Superior Business Solutions. We can work with you to pick the right products and figure out how best to coordinate them with your company’s sales goals.

For nearly a century, we have been working closely with businesses like yours to make them more efficient and profitable. And promotional products are one of our strongest areas of expertise.

If you haven’t worked with us, I’d like you to know two things. First, our ISO certification holds us to very high standards. You don’t earn it unless your processes are designed and practiced in a way that serves customers effectively. Second, positive reviews from our customers are the reason we have earned two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.

Would you like to discuss using promotional products as sales incentives? Contact Superior for a promotional product audit. That will help us determine whether this or any of the other programs we’ve covered so far would benefit your business. After all, that’s what we’re here for.


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