Advocacy Can Lead to Loyalty

The key word in this article’s title is quickly. Every company knows the importance of brand loyalty, and most of them are focused in various ways on honing strategies to form relationships with their customers. But giving back to your customers via social media promotions, giveaways, and continually writing great content for them takes time and resources. It takes time for your customers to start giving back by sending others your way.

Brand loyalty is the result of ongoing engagement with your customers, and that’s important. Relationships take time to build, and they should, but brand advocacy is different. There are ways for your customers to support and draw attention to your brand without them really going out of their way or thinking much about it.

Utilizing Promotional Products Can Continue to Increase Brand Awareness Long After You’ve Initially Given Away The Item Because it Enables Your Customers to Advertise for You

Here are a few reasons why that is:

  1. Establishes Relationship – who wouldn’t take a free mug or hat? Even if the customer doesn’t use or wear it, you’ve already established that first line of communication that eventually leads to brand loyalty.
  2. Easy Way To Draw Attention – Assuming your promotional items are cool, (and why wouldn’t they be?) the customer will use them. That means your brand logo is on display in places and in front of people you might never reach. Follow that thought exponentially, and you’ll discover the possibilities for brand exposure are limitless.
  3. Creativity Has No Bounds – The creative possibilities for promotional items are as endless as the exposure those items could receive. Think about promotional items for all different scenarios, and your brand could suddenly be seen in almost any setting. Cell phone and laptop accessories, drink ware, journals, tote bags, even flash drives; get your brand seen at sporting events, offices, coffee shops and any other setting.

As you start thinking about augmenting your brand’s awareness, check out our promo site for quick ideas and see what some other companies have done. The options are limitless, and the effects are fast. It’s time to get noticed! Accelerate your sales with Superior Business Solutions today and be sure to request a Promotional Product Management Audit to find out how to save even more time managing your branded promotional needs and save money while you are at it.


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