To Sell More, Sell Smarter

Sales are hard. I know that might be voted “worst news flash of the day.” But it’s worth reminding yourself that earning a prospect’s business doesn’t come easily, even to the most charming and experienced sales representatives. So today I’d like to look at sales enablement tools that make the process more organized, more predictable and yes—more successful.

Personality matters, but it’s no substitute for having the right tools. Think about it: take the best builder in your market and drop him or her off at a job site with no tools and see how much they’d accomplish. And good luck getting your new faucets installed if the plumber arrived without tools. I believe tools are as important to building sales relationships as they are to building or repairing homes.

Sales Enablement Tools

Many available tools and technologies can transform your entire sales cycle. You can stop merely hoping for good results, and put in the work that allows you to expect them. By qualifying and following through on leads properly, you realize more sales at the other end.

Marketing analytics will identify better prospects from the start. Next, lead nurturing helps you convert more of those prospects into customers. And still another, sales document generation, puts the right message in front of the right prospect at just the right time throughout the sales cycle. Let’s look more closely at these sales enablement tools. We use them regularly to help our customers succeed.

Sell Smarter (and MORE) with Marketing Analytics

‘Gut feelings’ are highly overrated. Marketing analytics help you know what works and what doesn’t. We can help you integrate a marketing analytics program right into your sales and marketing process. You’ll be able to capture and analyze actions like:

  • email click-throughs
  • web page activity
  • program registrations
  • transactions

Once you know what strategies and tactics have proven to work with specific groups of prospects and customers, sales aren’t a mystery, they are largely simple math. Direct your sales reps’ time and your company spend to where it does the most good.

Lead Generation/Nurturing: Because Leads Should Lead Somewhere

As important as sales are to the life of an organization, I am frequently amazed at how often valuable leads are mishandled. Companies tell me their leads are lost, misdirected, or simply allowed to die on the vine without meaningful follow-up.

Proper lead generation and nurturing can change the whole trajectory of your company. Our innovative marketing strategies can integrate various components that might include print, Internet, email and social media programs. That single, organized voice will help you:

  • capture leads
  • quality prospects
  • nurture relationships
  • generate conversations
  • convert sales

That’s the simple path a properly handled lead should follow. Aligning your systems to make that happen is the path your company should follow.

Sales Document Generation: Print That Moves Prospects

One sales enablement tool that often flies under the radar is GoToPrint sales document generation. Sure, most reps see value in polished presentations and good-looking marketing materials. But those things can become more compelling when they are not generic, standardized catch-all pieces. Our sales document generation technologies turn them into responsive, custom pieces that address timely prospect concerns or reflect the relevant industry or marketplace in question.

Our capabilities in this area allow your sales reps to offer high-end, digitally printed presentations and marketing literature on very short turnarounds and with no minimum quantities. Imagine being able to print, sort, collate, bind, and deliver overnight the documents that might be sales-clinchers. With our multi-facility printing and distribution resources, your reps can listen and respond with relevant information. That impresses prospects.

More Conversions Will Make YOU a Convert

If you aren’t using sales enablement tools like the ones above, call us for the sake of your sales reps. Even if you are, we can probably help you use them more effectively. We’ve helped businesses work more efficiently for almost 100 years.

Our sales enablement tools and other print and promotional product technologies resonate with customers. Their reviews powered us to a third consecutive Best of Print and Digital award. We have also achieved ISO certification, which ensures that all customers get our very best thinking and service.

Don’t just hope for sales and cross your fingers. Instead, cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s” by taking advantage of the sales management tools available. The best way to do that is to partner with us. Contact Superior today. We know the whole toolbox and can help you pull out the right ones at the right time to achieve more sales success.

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