Custom Pens and 12 Proven Promotional Marketing Wins

Custom Pens and 12 Proven Promotional Marketing Wins

12 Proven Promotional Marketing Ideas for Custom Pens; Part One of Two “It’s just a pen.” If you’ve ever received (or handed out, for that matter) a custom pen and thought that, chances are we weren’t involved. That’s because we...

How To Make Promotional Products Work for Your Target Market – Infographic

People are always asking me if promotional products actually work to increase awareness, leads and sales. After being in the industry all of my life, I can tell you emphatically that yes, indeed, promotional products can effectively market your brand by reaching your target market, increasing leads and sales…but you have to have a plan.

If you have multiple locations or many departments ordering promotional products, if you exhibit at a lot of trade shows or if you feel like you would like a better plan for your promotional product management, you are not alone.

Armour Up Your Brand Merchandizing

Your Promotional Gear Can Be More Than Thrift Store Material Offering promotional gear is a great way to gain brand awareness, increase loyalty, and boost sales. But the market is littered with odds and ends like mugs, pens, and cheap T-shirts that end up filling...