Green Marketing Matters

What Does Your Brand Stand For?When looking for ideas for your next branded promotional products for marketing, safety programs, employee recognition and awards, corporate gifts and more, you might be wondering, “Is there really that much of a difference between standard promotional items and eco-friendly or “green” promotional items?”

After all, promotional items of almost any type will help increase brand awareness, but what makes green promotional items different? Why should you “go green” with your promotional product program? Does it really matter to your marketing efforts, the planet, or your target market?

Why Green Matters to Your Target Market

Eco-friendly promotional items really do stand out in the minds of your target market. According to the 2012 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker, 69 percent of American consumers always or sometimes take the environment into consideration when making choices about what products or services to buy.

“If you are already competitive in terms of price, quality and performance, adding sustainability and green marketing to your business strategy may enhance your brand image and secure your market share among the growing number of environmentally concerned consumers.” – Small Business Administration

Obviously, the green trend has been around for quite a while, impacting many industries and consumers, but it’s gaining momentum still. Whether it’s what people are eating, wearing, recycling or buying, your target market is more aware than ever of what their products are made of, where they go after they have served their usefulness, and how it’s life cycle impacts their families and their environment.

What Does Your Brand Stand For?Go Green for environmental responsibility

With your consumer demand for green on the increase, using green promotional items will not just promote your organization, but it will also enhance your brand’s image.  Whether you are just delving into green initiatives or whether you have a comprehensive environmental program already in place for your brand or business, giving your clients and prospects a branded, green promotional product tells them that you’re environmentally aware and establishes the fact that you care about the greater good.

The growth in demand for green products and support of brands and companies that support green initiatives is also being driven by the movement of younger, more environmentally-conscious adults into the workforce who possess a social awareness of environmental issues that extends into every area of their lives.

According to recent polling, the Millennials, which are a huge target market for many marketers and HR recruiters alike, “want to be associated with brands that stand for something.”  What a great opportunity this could be to use green promotional items in all your branding efforts!

Are Green Promotional Products Really Different From Traditional?

There are tens of thousands of different promotional products out there and you are always looking for an item that will distinguish you from the crowd, right?  Green promotional products are unique and offering them will get your brand, business, or event the recognition you are looking for.

Green promotional products are made from biodegradable, recycled, or organic materials. If it can be reused, recycled, or is made from recycled or biodegradable material its “greenness” factor increases.

The uniqueness of green materials alone makes green promotional products stand out: a promotional pen made from recycled cardboard is way more noticeable than a plastic one, a shirt made with recycled materials or the extreme softness of organic cotton is really distinctive, and you can even use corn based plastic to create a unique and memorable, branded, promotional product.

Green promotional products can grab the attention of your target audience and assert that your brand will be remembered and talked about in a unique way your competitors may be completely missing out on.

We’re Not Done Yet

Be sure to check back and read part 2 in my two part series on why Green Marketing Matters to Your Target Market when I will give you 6 ways to go green with your custom, branded, promotional items to position your brand in a unique green way that will give great ROI.

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