When Stickers Adhere, It’s “Your Ad Here”

In Tuesday’s post, I wrapped up a series on promotional items ideal for companies involved in the automobile industry. One of them was stickers (bumper, window and more). It occurred to me some of you might think of those as “old fashioned” — and are missing a great promotional marketing opportunity. Fact is, custom stickers are hot right now, and I decided to use today’s post to explain why they could help your business.

There are many factors that make custom stickers perfect for reaching your target audience today. Much of it has to do with trends in our society, and the way consumers regard brands and “sales” today. To keep it simple, I’ve narrowed it down to three things that I think sum it up nicely.

Custom Stickers Help Your Message Stick

It’s about the way they look, the way they work, and the way people live today. (You’re thinking, “oh, that’s all.) But it’s not complicated. Just think about these three things.

  1. Stickers are Bright and Colorful.

The more creative, the better. Today, your customers and prospects (and not just the younger ones) have more of an appetite for “new and different.” (Heck, it’s hard to buy a jar of regular mayonnaise without some spicy new flavoring to it.) Cars, homes, TV programming and just about every other area of our lives are all dialing up the entertainment value.

Stickers can be amusing. They break things up. They get noticed! And your colorful graphics, clever message or both can really cut through. Boring just doesn’t cut it –and custom stickers help you cut through it.

  1. Custom Stickers Go Places.

Another thing about consumers today: they are mobile.  They have long commutes and take kids to countless (probably too many) activities. Not to mention working at the coffeehouse, checking out parks and community events, and even dining out frequently. And wherever they go, stickers go with them.

That’s because stickers aren’t just for bumpers and car windows anymore (though you’ll certainly still find plenty there). Stickers have made their way onto laptops, backpacks, briefcases, bikes, water bottles, helmets, and sporting equipment. Your business identity will pop up in hundreds of places, in front of thousands of potential customers.

  1. Consumers Stick Up for Their Favorite Brands

This might be the biggest trend of all. In marketing today, the relationship” is everything. Today’s consumers (especially millennials) make informed buying decisions. They form bonds with the brands they choose and the places and organizations they love. They are proud to demonstrate their loyalty to you.

You may have heard the term “brand ambassadors.” That’s what your customers become once you’ve pleased them and met their needs. They will look forward to wearing their loyalty on their cars, computers or wherever else they can. It’s important to them to show that they belong to “the club” that appreciates your company. That’s a very profitable “vibe” for you.

Nothing Slicker Than a Great Custom Sticker

There is literally no limit to the creativity you can display on a custom sticker.  The shape, color, and size are all up to you. For ideas, check out our amazing selection of custom stickers. And we can provide excellent guidance on the right kind of messaging and elements to incorporate.

We’ve had nearly 100 years’ experience in helping businesses do things more efficiently, and that includes promotional efforts that work. That’s a big reason our customers’ comments have earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.  Our rigid ISO certification helps ensure that you’ll enjoy your results, too.

So get in touch with your Superior Sales Rep soon, or just contact Superior today. You may choose custom stickers or one of our other valuable business-building tools. Either way, you’ll see how good it feels to have an experienced promotional marketing partner sticking up for your company.

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