How Your Workspace Affects Your Work Pace

If you’re like me, when someone talks about productivity, I start thinking about business systems, employee skill sets, and other big-picture concepts. But as it turns out, what I should be looking at first might be my desk.

I’ve noticed some excellent resources lately that make it pretty clear that your productivity and even your health will suffer if your workspace isn’t, well…pretty clear. Clutter is more than just a topic for handy household hints in the Sunday paper. It’s a threat to you and your business.

Productivity and Health are Related

One article on webMD includes a fascinating slide show on the effects of clutter. “Mess equals stress” is one memorable header.

But the article points to the dust that collects on extraneous items, activating allergies, sneezing, and runny eyes. It also references suspected links between clutter and weight gain, as well as insomnia.

An item on Small Business Trends takes that even further. Not just a COVID reaction, it points out that common viruses such as the flu can linger on desks, phones, keyboards, and other electronic equipment for 24 hours or more. This likely accounts for a large chunk of employee sick days taken each year.

Both articles suggest that a clean environment leads to better mental sharpness, which translates directly to productivity.

Clutter makes the mind wander and causes a lack of focus.

Cleanliness at Work

When you and your employees are on the job, focus is critical.

The growth of “work-from-home” situations has increased the potential for distractions.

Employees have had to carve out all manner of workspaces in homes. Not everyone has a spare room; sometimes a quiet corner or even a kitchen table has to suffice.

The webMD article states that clutter leads to poorer “working memory,” according to researchYour brain is able to track fewer details, and is subject to quicker “overloading.”

Small Business Trends offers more evidence, describing the results of an interesting research project. When tasked with a difficult (actually unsolvable) problem, students seated at a cluttered desk gave up on finding a solution much more quickly than those seated at a clean, open desk.

Keep YOUR Work Environment Productive

The evidence is hard to dispute; clutter and distractions harm productivity. Giving your desk a daily once-over to get rid of clutter is a good start.

But there’s a bigger-picture way to tackle clutter. You can get a great many of those details and distractions off your desk, off your plate, and off your mind with Corporate Kiosk™.

For nearly 100 years now, Superior has been working with businesses to add exceptional efficiency, and our e-Procurement Catalog Technology has saved thousands of companies time and money.

Corporate Kiosk is a company-controlled online portal for print and promotional items. And it frees your mind of the many concerns that arise almost daily when those items are needed.

How does it do that?  It:

  1. Locks in Approved Forms

Once you’ve put approved business forms or marketing materials (and promotional items, for that matter) the employees you designate can access them easily without having to recreate them. That prevents errors and saves tons of employee time.

  1. Enables Responsive Marketing

The ability to customize on-demand printed pieces is a wonderful capability, and you can assign it to employees as desired, whether one or many across your enterprise.

And because it is printed as needed, you don’t have a big investment in quickly outdated inventory.

  1. Controls Costs

All costs are known in advance. There’s no risk of “rogue” ordering that can waste money and frustrate your accounting department.

And thanks to our roster of nearly 3,000 approved print vendors, your cost will be lower, thanks to supply-and-demand.

De-clutter Your Supply Chain

Streamlining your supply chain will boost productivity in many ways. It makes better use of your employees’ time, keeps the spend in line, and allows you to concentrate on the things that matter most to your business.

Our customers can verify that. They gave us such good reviews we were chosen Best of Print and Digital. Again. For the fifth straight year. That’s a track record we’re proud to stand behind.

And we’re also proud of the ISO certification that helps us deliver that level of customer.

Contact Superior or your award-winning Superior sales rep using the menus at the top of this page. Ask how Corporate Kiosk can help free your print supply chain—and your schedule—from unnecessary clutter.

Mess equals stress. With Superior, you’ll have less…of both.

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