Print Connects; Digital Disappears

On Thursday I discussed the sensory benefits of print and I shared an article by Martin Lindstrom that provided strong support. It’s the difference between something that engages multiple senses, something you can hold in your hand, versus a fleeting online image that has trouble holding your attention for more than a few seconds (if that).

According to Lindstrom, paper stands out, in part because many marketers have abandoned it in favor of cheap, easy digital communication. But they’ve done so without considering the value and impact of their efforts. Lindstrom cited a study showing that people recall things they read on paper 70% more than what they encounter on other channels.

Six Ways Your Prospects Can Feel the Difference

Last week I promised some examples of using the sensory benefits of print to your company’s advantage. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Promotional Kitting

If you were ever a kid on Christmas morning, you understand this one. It’s all about having multiple things to open, hold and enjoy. Opening a promotional kitting package that includes several diverse elements can really capture a prospect’s attention.

Perhaps it includes a colorful flyer and corporate capabilities brochure, an informational letter, and a useful promotional product with your company’s logo and messaging on it. The recipient picks up the package and touches each item. Texture, color and substance all work in your favor.

  1. Corporate Promotional Gifts

Personalized promotional items are the most effective type of advertising, period. They capture all the benefits of print advertising (as compared to digital). But they add that third dimension, going beyond a flat format. But the possibilities go far beyond even that.

With creativity, those promotional items can engage your customer or prospect’s imagination on a whole different level. They can incorporate sight, sound, or even smell to add an element of delight to the whole experience. I’ve written posts before about a company that provided sunglasses through which to view the solar eclipse a few years back. A record your prospect can listen to. A custom candle your customer can smell. Try that, computer or smartphone screen!

  1. Direct Mail Campaigns

I believe direct mail is more popular than ever. And that sensory, tactile aspect is the big reason. Today’s consumer spends all day looking at screens as thousands of marketing messages flicker past. There’s little incentive for the sender not to add another hundred thousand recipients in a digital effort. (How personal can it be when even they call it a “blitz.”)

A printed direct mail piece is inherently personal. It was sent to YOU; the sender attempted to identify you as a potential prospect and spent money to find out for sure. (It’s almost flattering.)

Direct mail can be even more magical when still another sensory component is added. Perhaps it’s a video that plays within the printed brochure. Maybe the creative use of scratch-and-sniff can engage the nose. Add a promo item to multiply the impact. (How about a distinctive bottle opener with your logo, or an edible delicacy to engage still another sense: taste! The possibilities (and the potential) are endless.

  1. Catalogs

Another excellent way to engage customers and prospects more deeply with print is through custom catalog printing. From captivating cover to intriguing contents, catalogs grab and hold attention. When presented in a glossy, well-produced catalog, merchandise appears more attractive and enticing than is possible on a back-lit screen.

Research has shown that a remarkable percentage of consumers actually read and spend time with catalogs. When target audience is well chosen, recipients are likely to be drawn to the things inside, and will go page by page to experience them. Catalogs help you engage the senses of touch and vision, but they also spark the imagination.

  1. Custom Labels

You might not have thought of labels as a sensory opportunity, but they are in a unique position to be exactly that. They capture the excitement of the product itself, and can provide that last, best opportunity to convert a prospect into a customer. Buy the best custom labels through a creative and experienced partner, and you’ll have a sensory slam dunk on –or in – your hands.

How can a label be “sensory?” Consider the label’s texture, with raised edges or design elements. Think about bold, arresting and creative graphics providing a treat for the eyes. Think about unique materials or applications. For our craft brew clients, we have developed a label m made from actual hops!  Craft beer aficionados will find that little detail endearing, indeed.

  1. Sensory Print with Staying Power

Print’s advantages over digital are obvious. Consumers can hold it, read and re-read it, enjoy the visuals, and even smell or watch video on it in some cases. What makes that print even better? Give those consumers a reason to save it!

Digital messages (if they are noticed at all) are typically deleted by the end of the day. But a creative and experienced partner like Superior Business Solutions can help you give your print added value, so your customers and prospects will want to keep it around. Maybe it’s as simple as a cartoon or joke they’ll save or pin up. Perhaps it’s coupon, or a frequency card they’ll keep in their purse or wallet. Creative uses like these keep your logo and brand message “up close and personal” long after those digital promotional messages are at best) a memory.

Gain Possibilities with a Sensory Print Partnership

Maybe your business has already benefited from working with us. (Or perhaps your father or grandfather did – we’ve been helping businesses for nearly a century.) If not, you owe it to your business to find out what partnering with us can do for your marketing, sales and overall efficiency.

If you know what ISO standards are about, you understand how our ISO certification ensures that we bring our most effective processes and customer focus to every project. And for three consecutive years, our customers provided such good reviews of our work, we’ve won Best of Print and Digital honors.

Contact Superior for a free print supply chain audit. The best way to make sure your marketing touches your customers and prospects is to stay in touch with us.

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