Paper Is Absolutely A Renewable Resource

April is wrapping up, and as we hurtle through spring, Superior Business Solutions takes a look back through our sustainability conversations throughout the month. The theme of the month seems to have been as much about the myths circling paper and print as it was about methods to use them in a more eco-friendly fashion. Well, the myths have been busted and the take away from the month is this: Printing and paper used wisely is actually a very sustainable use of energy.

What Do Sustainability and Marketing Have in Common?

This intriguing whitepaper by Two Sides proves that claim by breaking down 5 popular print myths. The fact is that print is highly sustainable with today’s recycling technologies and responsible forestry projects, and recycling awareness is growing. As long as this understanding continues to be increased and more people take the time to recycle, paper industries are not in danger of destroying forests or consuming too much energy.

But as misleading as the popular slogan “Go Paperless” is, it does drive at a solid point. There are ways of making your print marketing more eco-friendly than it already is, and it starts with small changes in your enterprise like using recycled paper, putting greater emphasis on PDF files, and rethinking size for both documents and packaging.

Why do these considerations matter? Because they matter to your customers. Creating peace of mind for you customers by using green strategies is a great way to make more loyal customers. Studies have proven that if your company fails to show that eco-friendly practices matter, it can be detrimental to your brand. Over 90% of respondents in this ‘green supply chains’ survey “said they would consider changing their purchasing habits based on announcements of greener supply chains.”

One great way to boost the sustainability of your supply chain is through more eco-friendly shipping labels. These printing solutions include the two-sided thermal label and the linerless label, both of which increase green printing methods by reducing the amount of paper used in the shipping process. It’s a zero waste labeling system that is visible enough for you customers to notice, offering you a strong marketing advantage.

Sustainability Starts with the Small Changes

Sustainability in paper and marketing fit together well. Showing that you are prepared to engage in the eco-friendly concerns of today can go a long way to creating an atmosphere of trust and loyalty among your customers, clients, and even within your own work environment. So share your green stories with us and with your customers, and let’s start making those small changes in order to make the big ones possible.

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