Is Vistaprint or Walmart Right for YOUR Promotional Product Needs?

Promotional products are excellent marketing tools that offer great ROI and work to build your business. You’ve read my posts singing their praises. After all, they are the most effective forms of advertising available for businesses today. And they are increasingly a big hit at local events, family reunions and many other less “corporate” promotional product occasions.

We’ve been a leading provider of promotional product for decades, so we are watching with interest as some high-profile names want in on the action. Walmart has affiliated with a “trusted partner” to provide promotional products under the Walmart Promo Shop brand. And Vistaprint is also touting its promotional product services. Who “wins” in the promotional product battle between these heavyweight resellers?

In This Corner…

Who “wins” in the promotional product battle between these heavyweight resellers? Well, I’ll give you some information that will help you compare. But I hope you won’t mind if, along the way, I throw another hat (or, USB drive, or custom pen) into the ring: Superior Business Solutions.  Here are a few factors worth considering when assessing a promotional product provider:

  1. Small Quantities

    Well, for starters, both Walmart and Vistaprint seem good options for smaller-quantity orders, like items for those family events. Vistaprint makes a point of saying that “many” products have a minimum quantity of one. Verdict: both are pretty good choices for smaller orders.

  2. Price

    I did a little investigating, and the prices for comparable items appear to be similar, and reasonable. Walmart’s reputation as the “big gorilla” in retail apparently helps keep prices low for its promotional items, too. But neither of these two behemoths offer “factory direct pricing.” Superior does. Think of it as “no markup.” You get your items for the price you’d pay directly to the manufacturer, so our service is, in effect, free. Our margins come from the wholesale prices, because of our buying power and vendor relationships. That’s a win-win for you—and a win for us in this area.

  3. Customer Service

    Walmart mentions its “customer support team” and Vistaprint points to its “Customer Care Specialists” as people who are there to help if you need it, or if you have a question. Good thing, because with both, you are relatively “on your own” in designing your imprints, graphics, etc., until you yell for help.

  1. Understanding YOUR Business

    Your business isn’t a family reunion. You have different departments in your office, and perhaps different locations in your enterprise. Your people are too busy to duplicate efforts in the unfamiliar area of searching, selecting and sourcing the design and production of promotional products.

Both Walmart and Vistaprint appear to be “transactional” websites. Taking orders is the default mechanism. Working efficiently with your unique business isn’t part of the deal.  It is with us. Superior has advanced technologies, like an e-procurement system that lets you organize and streamline promotional product decisions. Standardize the choices, and pick which employees in which facilities can use the portal. Simplicity, consistency, and cost controls are built in. You tell me who wins on this one.

Promotional Products That Make YOU the Winner

Okay, I guess this isn’t really a fair fight. Walmart and Vistaprint are very good at providing a turnkey, no-help-needed way to get a few clever T-shirts for your bachelor party. But they just aren’t geared to support the needs of a complex business with multiple locations. Superior has dedicated, award-winning inside and outside sales reps assigned to you to guide you through the process. They are not “800 numbers.” They are people. People always win, in my book.

Superior Business Solutions was built to support business. Our system, which is ISO certified and approved, places the power of a supplier network more than 2000 strong, as well as a direct sourcing model at your service. And with us, you get the benefit of our extensive experience in meeting the needs of businesses for almost 100 years. We work with you, make suggestions on items, and call upon our versatile vendors to deliver quality right on schedule—at the best price.

If you want a look at what that difference really means for your business, contact us today. We’ll schedule a free promotional product audit that will tell us how we can best help your business. Or talk to one of our promotional product sales reps. Their knowledge comes at no extra charge. After all, you’re not after generic bargains or cheap business cards. You want effective business-building promotional products. The fact that we understand the difference is always the biggest advantage. Always.


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