Choose Promotional Items That Make YOUR Brand Stand Out AND Build Your Business

In Tuesday’s post, I gave you a few ideas for your promotional marketing program. I listed some great motivators that take you far beyond the “cheap handouts with your logo on them” stage. Today I’d like to amplify those thoughts further.

If your only objective is to get customers, prospects and valued employees to say “cool, something for nothing” then almost any promotional item will do. But if you really want to build a relationship with your best customers, standout from your competitors and work to ensure employee loyalty, it’s time to think a little differently. You need to find promotional marketing items that will help you play a small but important and ongoing part in the business and personal activities that matter to them. Finding those items takes creativity and imagination—and perhaps an experienced promotional marketing partner to help you do it efficiently, cost-effectively and easily.

Think Out of the Box—and Into Their Lives

Let’s look at a dozen promotional products that will show you what I mean. Some cost more than others, of course—but there are plenty of ways to use promotional products for everything from trade shows and sales calls to employee recognition and holiday gifts for your different target audiences. See what you think.

12 Standout Promotional Marketing Items

  1. Business gear

For most of your clients and employees, business isn’t a job, it’s their passion. That’s why they often take it home with them at night. So a functional, great-looking bag, backpack or padfolio from Bugatti with your brand artfully incorporated will earn their gratitude every day.

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of

  1. Electronics

Headphones and speakers aren’t really “accessories” any longer; they are integral parts of our business and personal lives. When you can give valued clients, prospects, and employees a product that combines the long-respected quality of Bose with your brand identity on it, they will see and use it every day. You are part of their business meetings and their favorite music. Talk about win-win!

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of

  1. Luggage

Travel is a given in our mobile society. Like electronics, it’s a part of doing business successfully. And it certainly comes into play when you enjoy the personal time your hard work earns you. Ricardo of Beverly Hills offers a variety of high-style and quality products that allow your brand to travel with your customers wherever they go. You’ll be happy to put your name on them, and your recipients will be proud to put their things into them.Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of

  1. Grills and Grilling Accessories

Unless you’ve been away for a few decades, you know that grilling is a beloved activity for millions of people (maybe you are one of them). Those people know and appreciate the Broil King name on grills and accessories. And they’ll certainly think fondly when they see your brand as well, as they refine their grill-master skills and entertain family and friends at social gatherings throughout the summer and beyond.

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of

  1. Games—for Indoors or Out

Ever heard time sure flies when you’re having fun? It’s true—fun times can pass quickly, but they leave lasting memories. You can be part of those memories when your branding is on unique recreational game equipment from Escalade Sports. They’ll love pickleball or one of the other classic outdoor games available; and thanks to clever branding, you will always be in the game.

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of

  1. Bicycles for Adults and Kids

Let’s face it—bikes are made for memories. For an adult, it can be the proud symbol of a fitness commitment or touring adventure. Our very own CTO, Tom English, is an avid rider. And what parent can forget pushing a child who is taking that first exciting solo ride on a two-wheeler? You can be part of those memories with your branding on a Huffy—one of America’s best-known names in bicycles.

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of

  1. Home Safety

There’s nothing more important than protecting home and family. Your key clients and prospects will certainly appreciate a thoughtful gift that helps them do that. Put your brand identity on a smoke or CO2 detector or other safety product from Kidde, a brand they already know and trust.

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of

  1. Tool Storage

It’s true of master craftsmen, and well, less skillful homeowners: keeping tools organized is a challenge. A good-looking, and more important, functional portable toolbox or home storage cabinet from Waterloo will feel like the answer to a handyman’s (or handy woman’s) prayers. They’ll never have to wonder “where did I leave that screwdriver” again. They’ll know it’s right there in that toolbox. You know, the one with your company’s logo on it.

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of

  1. Bright, Bold Sports Banners

The whole point of promotional items is to boost your business, of course. So here’s an item that will promote your business in a show-stopping way at trade shows, special events, for sponsorships at local schools, even in and around your business facilities. Sports banners aren’t just for sports, because they can certainly do a great job of commanding the attention and support that will help your business win. An incredible variety of sizes, shapes and styles are available for you to customize with your logo and message.

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of

  1. E-Writers and Electronic Accessories

All your customers and prospects are very familiar with shopping and “to-do” lists. Most are also familiar with losing them, or not having a paper or pen to add things when they need to. You can be the hero by giving them an eWriter or other helpful electronic gadget like the Jot, from boogie board. It feels just like writing on paper, but it’s a lot easier to add, change or erase. So many ways to use it, they have it in their hands daily … and see your logo daily.

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of


  1. Jewelry and Charms

These promotional items are small, but are huge in impact. Charms can carry a lot of personality in a small package and many people collect and treasure them. Pandora is a name known the world over, offering a great variety of charms in silver or Murano glass. Choose one that is appropriate for your business and add your logo. Or design a brand new one that sends a special message to those key audiences.

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of

  1. Cartop Cargo

Hey, we’re Americans—when we “get away from it all” chances are we are going to take most all of it with us! Who wouldn’t appreciate having an extra “trunk” on top of the car to carry that extra gear on vacation? Hundreds of other uses, too. Put your identity on a functional and great-looking luggage carrier from Cartop Cargo and travel with your best customers.

Stand-Out Promotional Marketing Items You Probably Never Thought Of


Standout Promotional Items Will Help YOU Stand Out

I hope I’ve given some ideas and stirred your creative thinking a little. If you really want your promotional marketing items to stand out from the (yawn) others, contact Superior today. We are able and eager to help.

Remember, we’ve been helping businesses do better business for nearly 100 years now. Our ISO certification keeps us accountable to very high standards. And our second consecutive Best of Print and Digital win gives us—and you—confidence that we know how to satisfy customers. Let’s make your promotional marketing really matter to your customers and prospects.

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