Invoice & Statement Processing Services

With custom Invoice and Statement Processing Services from Superior Business Solutions, we help streamline and expedite your billing and delivery processes, lowering costs and improving accuracy—and with faster turnaround to improve your cash flow. Our comprehensive variable data processing and document printing technologies automate invoice and statement processing. We collect your billing data in a secure SSAE 16, certified network, generate custom invoices and statements personalized for each individual customer and deliver them via mail or electronic mail based on each recipient’s preference—with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency—saving you time, resources and money.

Advantages of Invoice and Statement Processing Services include:

Automated Printing and Processing

Streamlines invoice and statement printing and processing and eliminates costly manual handling so that your can dedicate employee time and resources to more productive tasks. Read More »
  • Custom solutions simplify billing process with over 400 programs for financial, banking, insurance, education, healthcare, telecom, energy, utilities, municipalities and other industries and markets

Postage and Mailing Cost Savings

Provides document and mailing package design including materials, size, shape and weight and final package design optimized for pre-sort and automation discounts for lowest USPS postage rates. Read More »
  • Includes a complete analysis of current invoice and statement layout and design and redesign services for complete, final mailing package including documents and outer carrier/envelope

Faster Processing and Turnaround Time

Automated processing and mailing technologies enables 24 hour turnaround within receipt of data for 95% of all mailings via mail processing and distribution centers operating 24-hours, 7-days per week, 3 shifts per day. Read More »
  • Provides faster mail delivery through geographically diverse, large-scale mail distributor network of regional facilities, improving mail delivery times up to 50% faster versus standard mail drops at local post office locations
  • Reduces overall mail delivery time by at least one carrier day for most parts of the country to one-, two- or three-day delivery service

Improved Delivery Efficiency and Accuracy

Advanced address resolution capabilities uses change of address data providing addresses for movers that have not notified the USPS, dramatically improving delivery accuracy and efficiency. Read More »
  • Proprietary address resolution sources other than USPS, including Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS), Delivery Point Validation (VDP), Locatable Address Conversion System (LACS) and National Change of Address (NCOA), provides address change information for the previous five years.
  • Barcodes, custom advanced reporting and CD-ROM based archiving reduce error rates and improve delivery efficiencies

Custom Invoice and Statement Design

Custom invoice and statement designs enhance the customer experience with logical, well-structured, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand document content. Read More »
  • Document design recommendations are based on market research and proven, industry specific experience that can minimize billing questions from customers, reducing customer service demands

Custom Marketing Content

Variable print capabilities let you target customers with personalized, 1-to-1 marketing messaging integrated into invoice and statement document content or as separate inserts for branding, promotion, cross-promotion and other marketing communications. Read More »
  • Invoices and statements can be designed to carry personalized messages based on individual customer data files
  • Outer-carrier/envelope messaging can be customized to prompt calls-to-actions prior to opening
  • All privacy laws are taken into account to ensure envelope messaging is compliant with regulations

Custom Tracking and Reporting

Provides custom, comprehensive reports with reporting metrics for data sets and with frequencies you specify. Read More »
  • Each mail piece includes unique barcode image that contained embedded customer information and job tracking data
  • Intelligent mail barcodes let you know when mail will arrive, allowing you to forecast billing cash flow and plan customer service needs
  • Typical custom reports include financial “amount due” data, detailed customer segment analysis and address correction data

Data Security

Your data is protected in a secure data network including HIPAA and GLBA compliant environments with SSAE 16 certified controls. Read More »
  • Our data security included redundant data back up and disaster recovery solutions to facilitate business and billing continuity

Electronic Billing Solutions

Electronic billing and Email delivery of invoices and statements provides easy, cost-efficient, “green” document generation and delivery options, reducing paper and postage costs. Read More »
  • Invoices and statements can be seamlessly converted to PDFs or other electronic file formats for internal references or customer viewing
  • Emails can be designed to push out invoices and statements for customer viewing in their Email or pull users with an Email link to secure websites for retrieval