When Comparing Print Management Companies, There is a Secret to Choosing The Right Partner

I’m not claiming to be impartial here, but I’m going to share a basic truth. The top print management companies are keeping a secret from you. That secret lies in similarity in software. (I’m not talking about the unqualified or disreputable firms here – hopefully, you won’t be dealing with any of them.) But quality competitors all offer print production and, usually, some sort of print management supply chain software to help manage the process.

Superior Business Systems, for example, created Corporate Kiosk™, and it does a great job for our customers. But I’m also here to tell you that successful print management is not about the software. It’s about the organization and its people, and in turn, how well they can meet your needs.

“Try the Special”

Asking someone which print management software is the best is like asking the waitress what you should order for dinner. She has no idea what your tastes and preferences are, so there is absolutely no wisdom behind the answer. (The “steak portobello” might get rave reviews, but I know plenty of folks who can’t stand mushrooms!)

Getting print and promotional products for your business is the same kind of situation. The software is certainly part of it. But success lies in choosing the right people with the right expertise to deploy it, using the right processes along the way.

People Play the Biggest Part

Expertise is the biggest asset you can expect from your print management partner. And that is found in people. Superior has been helping businesses work more efficiently for almost a century. Our people are experts and know the territory like few others.

And we, in turn, can call on a vast roster of print providers whose expertise we know we can rely upon. Our network includes almost 2,000 providers nationwide; we can choose the most appropriate for your project, budget, and deadline. Our sister brand ThynkDirect offers direct sourcing for promotional items. Therefore, we can go directly to the manufacturer and have virtually anything created at the lowest possible price, without huge minimum purchase requirements.

If it’s about people (and it is) you won’t find better anywhere.

Perfecting the Process

You will benefit even more from the expertise of your print management partner when it is utilized within a refined structure and repeatable system of client service.  You can trust that a print management company meets those criteria when it is ISO certified.

Superior has ISO 9001:2015 certification. The rigid standards required to earn and maintain that certification are nothing but great news for customers. Customer focus is always the first priority, and procedures are ever tightened and refined to help ensure successful outcomes.

Trust Built on Results

Almost every consumer purchase these days is influenced by the feedback of previous customers, rendered online or through word-of-mouth. Reviews of previous customers matter in print management, as well.

Superior has just earned a third consecutive Best of Print and Digital award. That annual award is based entirely on survey responses from the customers of each company. Therefore, one could argue there is no better reference when considering a print management partner.

Who Will Make a Difference for You?

Our people will. They are armed with expertise, technology, and ISO-verified processes. With those tools, they will create perfect print management solutions that go far beyond exceptional software.

Contact Superior for a free print management review. I’m confident you will be pleased with the results. Especially now that you know what to look for. Or more accurately, “whom.”

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