hands_holding_the_earth_picture_165318Think Print and Paper Isn’t Sustainable? Think Again!

Paper has been an essential part of communication and culture across the world for a very long time, and it’s still an indispensable resource in today’s society. Especially in marketing, businesses have a chance to stand out in a digital world by using print wisely.

The emerging understanding now is that print is actually quite sustainable as it uses a readily renewable resource and because it is recycled so easily. Superior Business Solutions has come along to help spread the word and get past some of the misconceptions born from the popular slogan, “Go paperless.”

Here is an infographic we made detailing some of those misconceptions. Check out some of the good news about print and sustainability!

Think Print and Paper Isn't Sustainable? Think Again
Created by: Superior Business Solutions

Businesses that want to make responsible environmental choices should base their decisions on factual and well-researched evidence. Don’t believe everything you hear. The print industry is good for marketing, it’s here to stay, and it is sustainable as long as we continue to educate ourselves of its possibilities and its limitations.

If you have any questions or comments to add, you are welcome to join the sustainable print discussion in our comments below. And happy Earth Day!

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