Make GoToPrint Your Overnight "Go-To" Printer...It Could Save a Sale

GoToPrint Could Save A Sale And So Much More

I’m willing to bet that every person reading this post has had an experience something like this. You worked for a week preparing an important presentation to win a new piece of business. You did your homework, you put in the hours, and you had things ready in plenty of time.

But then, a day before the presentation, it happened…you learned something. Perhaps it was that you had based your proposal on old information and your prospective client’s sales territories are organized differently now. Or that you didn’t address something that, as you now know, was critical to the prospect.

Chances are that one of two things happened. Either you and your staff went into crisis mode, pulling an all-nighter (or close to it) trying to fix your presentation as best you could, attempting to print new pages, and collate as you run out the door. You entered the meeting tired and apprehensive instead of confident and enthusiastic. Or, maybe you just tried to get by with imperfect materials, hoping your charm and tap-dancing ability would get you through.

If Only You’d Had GoToPrint…

With our GoToPrint online print management technology, that scenario would have played out a little differently. You would already be working with one of the largest overnight digital document facilities in the country, so you would simply have input the changes you wanted in your proposal through an on-line portal, and had fresh copies of the revised proposal shipped to you or to your presentation location the following day.

GoToPrint isn’t just a life saver at crisis time, either. It’s an excellent and creative way to customize, print, manage, and distribute a wide variety of documents. You can create marketing materials that, thanks to digital printing, can be customized to best address a particular prospect’s situation. (Your tourist brochure could discuss theme parks and children’s attractions when requested by a family planning a trip, but contain information about night life instead when requested by a couple planning a honeymoon.)

There is almost no limit to the number of ways GoToPrint to help your business. Learn more about it  here. Use it for presentations, reports, marketing brochures, newsletters, flyers, postcards, you name it.  Call me if you’d like to discuss how you could take advantage of  of GoToPrint to make your business materials more accurate and dependable.

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