Here’s How to Hire Proven Print Management Performers

Last week, I talked about how you could save a great deal of money and employee time in how you manage your company’s printing needs. Rather than spending your valuable time on it, or putting it on the shoulders of employees with little experience in that area, I suggested you look into print management, and select a partner to help you do it far more efficiently.

But I also mentioned that you should be selective in what partner you choose to handle it. All of them are certainly not equal. The level and quality of resources they have at their disposal, and the experience they can offer, can vary widely. So let’s look a little more at what things you should consider in your search.

  1. Choose a Print Management Partner with ISO Certification
    • Since it’s not your area, you can’t be expected to know which companies use business processes and systems that ensure you get consistent and reliable quality. Fortunately, you don’t have to – ISO knows! ISO certification signifies that the company has passed rigid standards for how they approach several important facets of their business, such as reporting and documentation, training protocols, employee empowerment and customer service.
    • This designation is difficult to get. But the kind of trust you can place in an ISO-certified business means peace of mind and confidence. It’s the difference between flipping a switch and flipping a coin.
  2. Choose a Partner with an Impressive Network
    • Your print management partner won’t be much help if it relies on a narrow group of printers. The ideal partner will have a broad range of print vendors, covering a broad spectrum of skills and specialties. And those vendors should be more than names on a list; they should be  tested resources with whom your partner has experience.
    • With a deep pool of trusted options, your print management partner can choose a supplier that is best-suited to your project. The nature of the project, the required timing and the printer’s availability can all be factored in to ensure you the quality you need, when you need it, at the best possible price.
  3. Look for Expertise in Your Print Management Partner
    • Naturally, experience should factor into your choice. Some companies offering these services are relatively new, and may not have seen the same variety of situations as older companies. Others may be former printers themselves who lack background and objectivity in the role of matching vendors to resources.
    • That’s why it’s important to look for a company that has a track record; a history of serving large companies, perhaps companies like yours, in this capacity. Age alone isn’t the deciding factor, but experience is. The whole reason you are to choose a print management partner is to tap expertise. Make sure it’s there.
  4. Is There a National Network to Rely Upon?
    • If you have a single office or facility and need a batch of 1000 flyers, or a small run of sell sheets, this may not be critical. But the more locations (and printing needs) you have, the more important this factor is. In those cases, a national service network can protect and enhance and maximize your business opportunities.
    • Consider the benefits. Employees can access and get print resources wherever they may be, in other offices or on a sales trip. People in different offices can use a single online portal to get the correct materials, pre-selected and approved by you. This protects the constancy of your brand, in both look and performance.

A Print Management Partner to Consider

We believe strongly that the above suggestions are vital in selecting a quality print management partner for your business. Therefore, we hold ourselves to exactly those standards. At Superior Business Solutions, we are proud to have earned ISO certification. And we maintain a network of verified print and promotional product resources that is among the deepest you will find.

Our business was built on its ability to save companies time and money in the workday. We have been doing it successfully for nearly a century. And we embrace the most up-to-date tools and processes. Your offices and employees across the country can access the materials they need easily, through our Corporate Kiosk™ technology.

Contact Superior and ask for a free print management review today. See what proven print management partner could do for your business.

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