Proud to Join the MiPPA Board!

If you’re a regular reader, you know this space is rarely about me. It isn’t today, either, really; it’s about the power of promotional items. But I want to share the news that I’ve joined the Board of Directors of the Michigan Promotional Professionals Association (MiPPA).

While my appointment to the board is certainly an honor, I think of it more as an opportunity. It gives me a platform I can use to make sure everyone understands the great role promotional items can play in any company’s marketing efforts today.

Another big draw for me is that MiPPA is such a positive place. All the people are creative, imaginative and optimistic. Also, they are simply fun to be around. While naturally that makes things more pleasant, it also reflects my thinking about what promotional items can be for a business. Creativity and positive thinking makes a promotional item management program more effective. If you’re a member of MiPPA, you understand that.

MiPPA Has Meant Plenty to Us

As a Michigan organization, MiPPA has a large presence here. But its impact is felt around the country. Our reps from many states attend MiPPA events and take away a lot of valuable knowledge and inspiration. It helps them do their jobs better—which includes selling the smart use of promotional items. As I mentioned in the MiPPA newsletter, I have been working in the printing and promotional industry since 1988, with the first 20 years spend working in sales. So I understand what that takes.

Tim English Joins MiPPA Board to Promote Promotional Items

Promotional items rarely get the credit they deserve. We’ve featured plenty of posts in which we present evidence that dollars spent on promotional items are the most effective part of a marketing program. They influence more people more positively on behalf of your brand or company than other forms of advertising.

Promotional Items Management is the “Secret Sauce”

One of the things stressed by MiPPA and a key principle at Superior Business Solutions is the need for a promotional item management plan. That takes the situation from a spur-of-the-moment “hey, let’s give something away” whim to a wise and well-thought-out marketing decision.

Details matter. For one thing, your business is unique. And the composition—even the geography—of your target audience make a huge difference in which items you choose and when to use them. With proper planning, promotional items are far from “trinkets.” They are targeted marketing messages that help turn prospects into customers and add revenue to your bottom line.

Managing Promotional Items Properly

Our company certainly values promotional items. But we make a point of helping our clients use promotional items effectively. As I mentioned above, it’s not just about purchasing them, it’s about managing the process. Step one is choosing the right items at the right times based on your marketing plans. Step two is choosing the right vendors. That means vendors who will supply on time and on budget—quality items you will be proud to distribute.

Superior Business Solutions has deep experience in promotional items, and the products and vendors to help make you successful. Feel free to reach out to me or any of our seasoned sales reps with any questions you might have about MiPPA or utilizing promotional items for your brand or business.

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