Retailers...Here's How To Make Products Fly Off Your Shelves!

IRC Labels Grab Attention And Sales!

Think of the aisles of your local supermarket. All those products just sitting there, waiting and hoping to be “chosen” by a cart-pushing shopper. If you are the manufacturer of one of those products, it can be a marketing challenge (and a financial necessity) to make sure it doesn’t sit there too long. Advertising can help. And a loyal customer base certainly makes a difference.

But some products do a better job than others at attracting the attention of passing shoppers. And it’s because of what they’re “wearing” – instant redeemable coupon labels or IRC Labels.

A Look That Stands Out

I’ve talked about instant redeemable coupon labels (IRCs) in recent posts. Why? Because they are becoming increasingly popular – and that’s because they are extraordinarily efficient. First of all, they attract attention because the label helps them separate from surrounding brands.

IRC labels, when attached to the box, bottle, or other packaging, snags eyeballs. It jumps out from the expected product label and looks like something different, something unexpected, something, well, – extra! With all those competing products around, anything that focuses attention on your brand is already having a huge positive impact.

IRC Labels Craft A Message That Sells

But it’s more than the “look.”  That IRC label earns the product a closer look from passing shoppers. And when those shoppers look closer, they discover a great reason to put that product in the cart and take it home.

The “reason” can vary widely. That IRC label may simply offer a reduced price on the product, or a big discount for buying multiple packages. But it could also offer a “cross-promotion” – a bigger savings when another product is purchased at the same time.

The instant redeemable coupon label on the product can also be designed to serve as a contest entry form or carry a mail-in promotional offer. The list of value-added possibilities is nearly endless, but the results are all the same – a “plus” reason to buy that product. So once it’s in the shopper’s hands, it’s not likely to make a return trip to the shelf.

IRC Labels Will Help You “Clean Up” In Aisle 7!

Remember, 70% of purchase decisions are made in the store. So what better place to “seal the deal” with a special offer. And it doesn’t have to be a shelf – IRC labels can be designed to work on any kind of product package material and are appropriate for any store area, including coolers and freezers.

Get your products moving from shelf to checkout lane in nothing flat. Want some creative ideas about using IRC labels in your business? Just get in touch. You’ll also find that our sales reps are a great source of helpful information, so give them a call. But don’t just sit there – or else that’s exactly what your products might do.

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