Proof Positive That Print Helps Your Businesses Succeed

Thursday I talked about offering customers the choice of printed invoices and statements, rather than a “digital only” system. I shared research from Two Sides North America that proves consumers are less enthusiastic about digital document delivery being forced upon them than you might think. But this is just one of many common misconceptions. Facts show that print is a great asset to your business from your print supply chain to marketing and customer support.

Print a Plus in Many Departments

Let’s start with that invoice and statement processing issue. Naturally, when so many customers want or demand the option to receive those documents in printed form, giving them that option is good customer service. Happy customers are critical.

But think about your accounting department. Your employees in that area are tasked with billing customers for your products and services and ensuring that you get their payments on time. People that have a physical, philosophical or technical problem with digital document delivery may be less willing or able to pay promptly. You wait longer for that revenue to arrive. That’s more than a relationship problem, it’s a business problem. Offering a print option solves it.

Where Else Does Print Power Your Business?

Getting new customers is a business necessity, and promotional print is a big part of making that happen. Research shows that consumers react better to printed pieces than they do electronic messages that flicker past on laptop, tablet and smartphone screens. The most common action they take in response to those electronic messages is to hit “delete.”

Printed vehicles have substance. Colorful photos, well-written copy and attractive graphics they can hold in their hand help move your prospects toward a sale. Here are just a few examples:

  • Company magazines and newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Brochures and fliers
  • Sell sheets
  • Proposals and leave-behinds
  • Coupons and contest entry blanks

Print Isn’t Only for Paper

Boost your business by printing your logo on many things. That is if you want your prospects and customers to do something. For example, research shows that promotional products are about the best form of advertising. Your branding is terrific marketing when used on:

  • Trade-show handouts
  • Sales call leave-behinds
  • Themed marketing programs
  • Targeted direct promotions
  • Holiday or milestone gifts
  • Employee recognition awards

You can choose items that have proven popular in your geographic area, or items that have a particular association with your industry. They can be handy desktop products, attractive apparel, electronic gadgets or thousands of other things. But will they will be most is appreciated. People are actually more likely to buy from companies who give them functional branded promotional items.

Print is Environmentally Friendly

Time to address a myth too often spread by people with digital agendas, or who simply don’t know any better. The fact is that the sustainability of print and paper is no longer in question. Going “paperless” doesn’t save any forests. Consider these research-based facts from Two Sides North America:

  • There are 20% more trees on the earth today than on the first Earth Day in 1970
  • Many more trees are grown than harvested
  • Paper is recycled more than any other product
  • Two-thirds of the power that fuels pulp and paper mills comes from renewable fuels and biomass
  • Energy required to manufacture and operate up to 55 billion smartphones, computers, tablets and servers has a significant environmental impact often ignored

Put Print to Work for You

Consumer and industry research leaves little doubt. Print is more engaging than electronic communication. And consumers clearly want the option of printed statements and invoices. Time to enhance your print supply chain so your business gets the full benefit of this proven business builder.

Nearly 100 years ago, Superior was created to help businesses increase their efficiency and success. We’ve earned an ISO certification for developing processes and procedures that help us do that. And we’ve earned two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards thanks to comments from our customers. Our print supply chain and promotional product management solutions work to simplify processes and save time for employees and save money for your business.

Contact Superior today and find out how you can give print a “promotion” in your marketing and customer service programs.

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